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We are Shatsu, a company whose primary objective is to help designers from all walks of life make
money in their designs. Aside from that, we also exist to help our customers get amazing t-shirts that
were designed by some of their very creative artists for max visual allure.
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One thing we know is that as a designer, making money out of the designs can sometimes appear to
be a really long street which can be nearly impossible to navigate. We also know that for you to raise
your craft, then you need to be completely invested in it by devoting the most significant chunk of
your time to it. This is why we made this platform. The objective of the stage is to simply help free
you from processes like marketing, sales and pitching so that you are able to focus just on creating
amazing designs which may be purchased by anyone from anywhere around the globe.
Why you need to use us?
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Designs are valuable intellectual property and they take hours to create. As such, you might be
asking why you need to consider working with us instead of choosing the presumably safer route of
creating your own designs and selling off the merchandise by yourself. Well, here are a few our
attributes and the main reasons why you should use us.
As stated above, our main goal is to help you make money from your layouts easily. We manage the
company process such as sales, marketing and administration giving you additional time and space
to fully explore your imagination so that you may continue creating amazing designs. Trust
We're new that was founded on a message of confidence and honest and as such, we strive to do all
we can to always be trustworthy with both our clients and designers to ensure at the endings, things
can flow smoothly. And we also know that for you to have confidence in us, you need in order to
genuinely trust us which explains why we proceed board to always be a reliable company. Earnings
As was said, the principal reason why our business exists is to aid designers from all walks of life to
make money from their layouts. In case you've been cracking your head trying to search for
solutions about how you can earn from your gift, then our support will prove to be really helpful
since it is the answer you've been on the lookout for.