Webinar on Effective Project Planning in Application Development

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Webinar on
Effective Project Planning in Application Development

Date & Time- Thursday, Nov 07, 2013 5:00 PM IST

Proper planning and tracking the actuals against planned, is one of the key factors of project success. This increases the productivity
and accuracy by enhancing the communication avenues. Earned Value Management -EVM research showed that the areas of planning
and control are significantly impacted by its use; and similarly, using the methodology improves both the scope definition as well as
the analysis of overall project performance.

In a single integrated system like Kovair, EVM is able to provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems, which is an
important contribution for project management.

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1. Learn the importance of continuous planning
2. Learn the importance of tracking the actuals vs the planned
3. Learn the importance of EVM metrics
4. Learn the advantages of having Project Management as a part of an integrated solution

Key Questions Answered

What is project planning and tracking?
How can it be implemented?
What are the different useful metrics for tracking and monitoring the progress?
How beneficial it is to have project management as a part of total ALM?
How does it help in increasing productivity?

Who Should Attend?
CTO's, Architects, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Developers, QA Leaders, Delivery Heads

Presenter -
Amit Dasgupta , Director - Product Solutions, Kovair Software Inc -
Has been working with Kovair ALM product for last several years. He currently heads the solution team for the ALM & ITSM product
lines at Kovair. He has been involved in Architecture, Design & Development of Kovair's ALM products. He has helped many
companies discover the benefits of different aspects of ALM by designing, building and deploying solutions for them.

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Kovair is the innovation leader in Application Lifecycle Management -- ALM and IT Service Management -- ITSM solutions, supporting
globally distributed multi-site application development and services. Its flagship products, the ALM Studio and the ITSM Studio, are
web- based, feature-rich, configurable products with built in workflow and integration framework that offer a complete set of
integrated tools and processes for managing the entire IT lifecycle. Processes are implemented by Kovair's Omniprocess Workflow
Engine. Kovair's Omnibus Integration Platform for third party tools provides an extremely flexible and globally integrated IT

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