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Run your own financial advising business with the support of a client-first organizationThank you for considering Wells Fargo Advisors …I take pride that I started my career as a Financial Advisor, and in knowing that, because of that work, I understand the concerns and perspectives of the Financial Advisors I now lead.I spent my rookie years at Wheat First Securities, a firm founded as J.C. Wheat & Co. in Richmond, Va., in 1934. Those early days on the job don’t feel like yesterday – they were 30 years ago, after all – but they are fundamental to who I am and to what Wells Fargo Advisors is.I proudly tell anyone who asks that I have been at the same firm for three decades. Wheat First is one of the many regional firms that built Wells Fargo Advisors, and its Financial-Advisor culture – a culture of individuals doing their best for clients every day – lives on at the firm today.I know from my experience that clients do business with people, not institutions. I believe that the only way for a firm to become more client-centered is to be more Financial Advisor-centered. Thus, our firm’s whole orientation is to empower Financial Advisors.Like most people, my beliefs and opinions have evolved over the years. This process has made them all the more central to my life and work. My core beliefs come from the heart, and I try to demonstrate them in my daily actions. I want to take this opportunity to share with you the principles I hold most dear.Strengthening the unique relationship between the Financial Advisor and the client is management’s primary responsibility. Therefore, we stand in service to our Financial Advisors – not the other way around. I believe that the advisor, not the firm, owns the client relationship, and that the advisor’s entrepreneurial spirit is the basis for success.I believe in open architecture. Clients and Financial Advisors demand choice in and the availability of investment products, services and unbiased advice. Because the Financial Advisor is in the best position to judge what’s best for the client, there should not be mandates to distribute specific products and services.“You’re about to get a glimpse of one of the world’s largest and most respected financial services firms. A firm that believes in putting its clients and Financial Advisors ahead of itself. This is a business philosophy we believe sets us apart from our competition.” — Danny LudemanBest practices for Financial Advisors do exist. I believe that engaging advisors and sharing ideas builds successful, client-centered practices. In the past, many firms abdicated their responsibility to have these types of conversations. If we truly care about our Financial Advisors, we will challenge them to improve their service to clients and, over time, take their practices to the next level.I believe that it is the firm’s responsibility to provide our Financial Advisors with a best-in-class platform. We enable them to succeed by equipping and mobilizing every part of our organization to ensure that excellence in execution is reflected in every client and Financial Advisor experience. For this to happen, everyone in the organization needs to understand that the Financial Advisors pay our salaries, and for that we owe them nothing less than excellence.I have a tremendous commitment to constantly staying connected to our advisors and support staff. No matter how big our firm is, Financial Advisors’ voices will always be heard, and their views will always be given the respect and consideration they deserve. In reality, we must be a firm that actively listens to our constituents and engages them in a dialogue about our future together.None of these goals are easy to achieve. One of the most inspiring books I’ve read is Tom Brokaw’s “The Greatest Generation.” In it, he writes that in World War II, those who persevered in the face of danger, even for just one second longer than others, become heroes. I think this applies in our industry.We’ve been blessed. As leaders in our industry, as advisors to clients and as central participants in our nation’s capital markets, we have an obligation to keep our eyes firmly fixed on the beacon of integrity and honor. Your success shows that you are guided by principles that serve you and your clients well. They are principles that put the needs of your clients first and that recognize a long-term responsibility to your firm, to your community, to your colleagues and to your families.Danny LudemanPresident and CEO Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC12Enrich your life and the lives of othersFrank C. Parker IIIIt’s your life ... how do you want to live it?Blue Ash, OhioThere’s no denying it: Our work is a big part of our lives. Where we work and “I did two internships at what we do help define who we are. The decisions we make about our careers brokerage firms in college, so have a major effect on our lives. Do you want to be in control of your career I had an idea of how hard the and your life? Financial Advisor job can be. Do you want to help people achieve financial control over their lives? As a But once I decided that I Financial Advisor, you’ll be able to help your clients achieve their financial goals, wanted to be a Financial such as retiring comfortably, passing on their assets to their families, providing Advisor, I knew this firm had a quality education for their children, or selling a business and retiring early. a solid reputation. The firm has let me grow my business Many people from all socioeconomic backgrounds and occupations are the way that has worked the uncomfortable with the prospect of managing their financial lives. You’ll be best for me and my clients.”*there to help them work toward their financial goals and lifelong dreams. You’ll change lives. Few careers offer the opportunity to positively affect people’s lives and personally prosper. * This is a personal view of the Financial Advisor and may not represent the experiences of others.3We believe in open communication between our Financial Advisors and key Home Office experts about client-related issues.Why are we successful? With Wells Fargo Advisors, you’ll We are highly committed to using The firm known today as Wells Fargo enjoy a career — and a way of life. current technology and are Advisors is the successor to some of Our average length of service is continually looking for technological the most respected regional among the highest in the industry. advances to help better serve clients brokerage firms in the United States. Our annual turnover rate is less than and Financial Advisors. Financial A key competitive distinction of 25% of the industry average. Once Advisors have powerful computer Wells Fargo Advisors is its ability to you join us, we’re convinced you workstations with a sophisticated combine the capabilities of a large won’t want to leave.client-contact management system to national firm with a culture more akin help organize their businesses and let An advisor-friendly to that of the regional firms from them simultaneously view charts, work environment which it evolved. Central to that quotes, research and client Financial Advisors are given the culture is a strong dedication to information. The workstations also freedom to recommend the product supporting the relationship of the provide enhanced financial or services that best meets their firm’s Financial Advisors with illustrations software and portfolio client’s needs. Only in this way can their clients.planning tools to help Financial our Financial Advisors act in an Advisors develop in-depth strategies In 2009, Wells Fargo & Company unbiased fashion for their clients.for investors. Plus, the firm offers was ranked 14th overall by Fortune 24-hour online account access for We believe in open communication magazine in its annual list of the clients and their tax advisors. between our Financial Advisors and “World’s Most Admired Companies,” key Home Office experts about finishing first among financial In addition, our operational excellence client-related issues. Wells Fargo services companies.1 And for the gives our Financial Advisors the best Advisors has a genuine desire to serve fifth consecutive year, Wells Fargo & support available in the industry. This our Financial Advisors and make our Company ranked among the world’s lets them concentrate on their Home Office staff accessible to them top 25 most respected public businesses, knowing transactions are as they serve their clients. companies for 2009, as decided processed efficiently and issues are by Barron’s.2resolved quickly. 1 Fortune magazine, March 16, 20092 Barron’s, February 16, 2009Fortune and Barron’s magazines are not associated with Wells Fargo Advisors, and do not endorse any product or service Wells Fargo Advisors off ers. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.4What makes a successful • Understand your clients’ objectives, • Recommend investment products. Financial Advisor?and explain accompanying risks. Once you become proficient in the It’s your responsibility to do what is skills mentioned above, you’ll need Successful Financial Advisors come best for your clients by using their to convince investors to follow your from all walks of life, but one trait parameters, not yours. Often, recommendations. It’s entrepreneurial, they have in common is an appetite however, prospects and clients don’t and it’s necessary for you to remain a for finance and investing. You don’t know exactly what they need. It will part of the Wells Fargo Advisors team.have to be a technical market expert be up to you to educate them. • Review your clients’ assets, and or economist because you have • Be able to continually find assets, make recommended changes when plenty of Home Office support, but especially from people you don’t necessary. Because of the close you do need to know the know. Many people start in this relationships you’ll build with clients, fundamentals of how the market business thinking they can become you’ll know when an investment works. In addition, you must:successful by working with just strategy change may be needed — • Be able to develop personal family and friends. But when they because of market volatility, the relationships. Investors want their access their money, your overall birth of a child or grandchild, or the Financial Advisors to have a asset base is reduced. Within six sale of the family business.personal interest in them — to know months they realize they need a their children, health problems and much larger asset base to succeed. concerns in life. Know these things, Without a substantial asset base, and you will help them manage all you will have limited business and of their assets. Our successful little hope of success. Furthermore, Financial Advisors become trusted some of your clients will die, move friends to many of their clients.and leave for other reasons, so you must know how to find new dollars constantly, whether you are new in the business or a seasoned veteran.5Sales and Prospecting TrainingTwelve weeks Apprentice Period in OfficeOne week Sales and Prospecting Training (St. Louis)Business Development TrainingFive weeks Business Development Training in OfficeOne week Business Foundations Training (St. Louis)Two weeks Product Training in OfficeTen weeks Exam Prep in Office6The New Financial Advisor Training ProgramWells Fargo Advisors training is uniquely Heather Barnettstructured to help you succeedKeokuk, IowaBranch ManagerThe third-party recognition we have received is due in part to our “high touch” training approach that focuses on small group learning and individual attention. “I became a Financial Advisor Each Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Advisor is supported by a training faculty trainee right after I finished with more than 100 years of collective experience in the field as Financial graduate school. From the Advisors. Our emphasis on training is substantiated by the number of trainees start, I knew I’d have to win the we retain: Wells Fargo Advisors’ five-year retention rate for first-year Financial confidence of potential clients Advisors is over 30%; the five-year retention rate for other firms is under 15%.*just because I was — and am still — relatively younger than most other advisors. It has been difficult, and I’ve had to work hard — after all, Keokuk is a small market with a number of competitors. But I never viewed failing as a possibility. The training, Financial Advisor support and client service are the best in the industry.”** This is a personal view of the Financial Advisor and may not represent the experiences of others.* Source: Securities Industry Institute, 20087Our trainees have averaged a Series 7 exam first-time pass rate of at least 95% for the past 3-5 years versus an industry-average first-time pass rate of 66%*Exam prepthrough our interactive training conversations with investors. You’ll Series 7 and Series 66 exam program. You’ll also learn how to use discover the importance of tracking preparation in office – 10 weeks. To our state-of-the-art workstations.your contacts and monitoring your become a Financial Advisor, you must activity. Throughout this process your Business Foundations training in be registered with the NYSE, FINRA manager and sales trainer will St. Louis – one week. You’ll come and other regulatory bodies. You’ll provide you with incredible support to St. Louis for one week of in-depth qualify for this registration by passing and guidance. a comprehensive exam known as the exposure to the core products and Series 7. That’s where your training services Wells Fargo Advisors offers In addition to learning sales-related starts, with 10 weeks of preparation in through briefings by experts in our skills, you’ll work closely with your your local branch office. But you’re not sales and marketing product areas. office’s support professionals to gain on your own. Your trainer in St. Louis You’ll work through case studies knowledge of the administrative will lay the groundwork for your in small groups to reinforce your aspects of running your business. success. Our trainees have averaged a knowledge. With the help of You’ll conclude this training Series 7 exam first-time pass rate of at experienced trainers, you’ll develop experience by working with your least 95% for the past 3-5 years versus confidence in providing suitable manager to select a primary an industry-average first-time pass investment recommendations. prospecting approach (e.g., phone, rate of 66%.* You’ll also be well-face-to-face or networking) to focus prepared for your state registration Business Development training in on during the upcoming because you’ll receive the same great office – five weeks. You’ll kick your Apprentice Period. level of support for the Series 66.business development training into high gear when you return to your Sales and Prospecting Business Development branch office for five more weeks. trainingtrainingYou’ll start off by demonstrating your Sales and Prospecting training in Product training in office – two understanding of the firm’s products St. Louis – one week. You’re almost weeks. Hands-on and high-touch best and services via an online ready, but not quite. Now you need to describe the branch training experience. assessment. In-depth client scenarios demonstrate the value you offer Once you pass your Series 7 and will help refine your product-investors, and that’s the training Series 66 exams, you’ll perform target suitability skills, and phone and face-you’ll receive when you return to market research, explore your existing to-face contacts will help you learn St. Louis for one week of sales and network, and gain exposure to the the skill of conducting meaningful prospecting training.firm’s core products and services * Source: FINRA8