What Are Hemorrhoids, Bleeding Hemorrhoid, Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

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External Hemorrhoids
Lie Within The Anus
And Are Usually
Painful. If An External
Hemorrhoid Prolapses
To The Outside
(Usually In The
Course Of Passing
Stool), You Can See
And Feel It.

Blood Clots
Sometimes Form
Within Prolapsed
Causing An
Extremely Painful
Condition Called A

If An External Hemorrhoid
Becomes Thrombosed, It Can Look
Rather Frightening, Turning Purple
Or Blue, And Could Possibly Bleed.
Despite Their Appearance,
Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Are
Usually Not Serious But Can Be

They Will Resolve
Themselves In A
Couple Of Weeks. If
The Pain Is
Unbearable, Your
Health Care
Provider Can
Remove The
Hemorrhoid, Which
Stops The Pain.

Anal Bleeding And Pain Of Any Sort
Should Be Evaluated By A Qualified
Health Care Provider; It Can Indicate A
Life-threatening Condition, Such As
Colorectal Cancer. However,
Hemorrhoids Are The No. 1 Cause Of
Anal Bleeding And Are Rarely
Dangerous, But A Definite Diagnosis
From Your Health Care Provider Is

Hemorrhoids Are Common During Pregnancy,
Particularly In The Third Trimester.

Why Are They More
Common During

Pregnancy Makes
You More Prone To
Hemorrhoids, As
Well As To Varicose
Veins In The Legs
And Sometimes
Even In The Vulva,
For A Variety Of