What Are The Ways On How To Treat Wrinkles

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What Are The
Ways To Treat

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Wrinkles are a sign of old age, and while others embrace them, there
are also many of us who want them gone. The first step to eliminating
wrinkles is to understand them. Wrinkles are a result of the aging
process of the skin. As we age, the skin becomes less elastic, less able to
retain moisture, and the secretion of oil which supposedly keeps the skin
supple and moist is no longer as efficient.

Too much exposure to the sun can also
There are numerous ways to reduce the
amount of wrinkles on one's face. For
instance, facelift, technically known as
rhytidectomy is a type of cosmetic
surgery procedure used to give a more
aggressive management, you can opt to
have dermabrasion instead, which
involves controlled abrasion of the upper layers of the skin. Chemical
peels are also another traditional treatment option for wrinkles and this
involves using chemical solution which causes the dead skin to slough
off. Ablative laser skin resurfacing is a technique which uses a laser to
exfoliate the skin. These options however will require a few days of bed
rest, and they tend to cost a lot too. Some skin care doctors offer non-
ablative laser procedures which just heats the skin to stimulate collagen

Although this tends to be more expensive, this does not require bed rest
post-procedure. Botox injections are also widely used to treat wrinkles.
Botox will temporarily paralyze the muscle where it is introduced,
consequently preventing future wrinkle formation and making wrinkles
that are already there less visible.

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Pharmacological treatments for
available, with some of them
requiring prescriptions.
creams include those with
retinoid which promotes the
stimulation of blood vessels in
the skin which gives the area a
rosy appearance. There are also
several non-prescription or OTC
anti-aging creams you can buy
these days. Hydroxatone, for
example, has a number of anti-
aging products you can choose

Hydroxatone reviews are positive on the whole because they deliver
results as promised. Hydroxatone creams are effective because they
contain hyaluronic acid which promotes skin hydration. It also has
hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate the skin and make wrinkles less
noticeable day in and day out. Many of those who have submitted
reviews on Hydroxatone say that they would suggest this product to their
peers. Still, to get the best results, you have to use the creams as
directed, for six to twelve months.

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