What Can Antler Velvet Provide?

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What Can Antler Velvet Provide?
One of the best dietary supplements in the market are the ones that are made from deer
antler velvet, which are capable of providing users with countless benefits. Like their name suggests,
food supplements like these come from the young antlers of deer that are cut off before they start to
harden and calcify. Popular in Eastern Asian countries like China and Korea as a folk medicine, it is
slowly gaining a mainstream foothold in Western countries like the United States. That said, why are a
lot of people so high on it?
First off, the procedures in velvet extraction
As mentioned in the previous paragraph, deer antler velvet are basical y the antlers of the deer
that are young and have not calcified. Most of the deer velvet imports come from Australia and New
Zealand, which are host to mil ions of deer in thousands of deer farms which produce both the velvet
and tons of venison per year. If you are uncertain about the facets surrounding its removal, here are
some facts that you should take note of:
Antler velvet removal is perfectly legal, along with importing and exporting it.
The delicate procedure is done by a licensed professional that took rigorous tests in
order to have a license. It is also done with the presence of a veterinarian.
The animal is sedated during the procedure, meaning, it is unconscious and wil not feel
any pain. The anesthetic is administered by a veterinarian.
Now that you know that the extraction process is safe for both the human cutting the antler
velvet and the animal itself, why is it highly regarded supplement? What can it provide?
Antler velvet enhances athletic performance
Deer antler velvet's consumers are primarily athletes
and bodybuilders. Why? Wel , the nutrients that it contain is
able to enhance athletic performance by increasing muscle
mass and strengthening them in the process. This also speeds
up recovery from muscle injury and trauma, al owing you to
exercise more and spend less time in recovery. This is so
because of the hormone IGF-1 or Insulin Growth Factor-1
which speeds up the body's anabolic processes.
Helps children grow faster and stronger
Deer antler velvet promotes growth in children, mainly
because of the IGF-1. Paired with the Human Growth Hormone
or HGH, they can certainly help out in making the adolescents reach their ful growth potential. The
supplements also contain other nutrients like calcium, iron and magnesium - al of which are essential
to bone growth and tissue development. Lastly, it also assures that the body absorbs majority of the
nutrients it took in from food.

Helps people with underlying health conditions
Though deer antler velvet is not the primary cure for ailments like osteoarthritis and blood
disorders, it can be able to aid recovery. For people with osteoarthritis, taking in this food supplement
can bring instantaneous relief, mainly because it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that aid in
the healing of inflamed joints. Also, some deer antler velvet supplements come with glucosamine and
chondroitin, compounds that promote joint health and growth.