What Can I do with a Business Degree with a Human Resources emphasis?

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What Can I do with a Business Degree with a Human Resources emphasis?

The human resources profession oversees the group of people who make up the workforce within
a company. Initially, the human resources (HR) field was concerned with recruiting and hiring new
employees. However with time, human resources managers have become involved with developing
policies that will directly affect the workforce.

The importance of HR

HR managers are responsible for not only seeking out qualified professionals to fit a job role within an
organization, but to also retain them as an important part of the company. At the same time employees
who fail to contribute towards the all round progress of a company are discontinued from their positions.
In order to increase productivity and boost morale, HR managers should be able to hold training camps
and workshops.

Skills an HR professional must possess

Must work towards maintaining the company's integrity and goals, while being fair minded,
impartial, approachable, discreet and amicable.

Should be able to work with diversity amongst employees within the workforce.

Should be innovative in suggesting ways to keep the employees satisfied.

Should possess good communication skills, both written and oral.

Education in Human Resources

Human resource managers can find employment in practically any industry as they are mainly concerned
with employee performance and satisfaction. Most students opt for a bachelor's business degree (which
is also the most common qualification for entry-level jobs), with a human resources emphasis. This
degree prepares them with the necessary skills to take on a variety of managerial positions in both
domestic and international companies.

Students can always move on to earning a master's degree in business administration (MBA) with a
human resources emphasis, should you feel the need to advance your career and increase your job

Today, a number of colleges offer degrees in human resources. CollegeAmerica is one such college.
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Any college that offers a program in human resources will cover a few basic areas of concentration along
with business subjects such as:

Management principles

Operations management


Managerial accounting

Staffing management

Training and development

Employment law

Conflict resolution in a work place

Behavioral sciences such as: psychology, political science, social science etc

HR job prospects and career outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment opportunities for human
resource specialists are expected to grow by 21 percent between 2010 and 2020. This is faster than the
average for all occupations. It further states that human resource specialists can earn salaries of more
than $93,260, making it an attractive career option for students.

An HR manager is an integral part of any organization because they are directly responsible for hiring and
promoting employees as well as motivating and developing them. Consider a business degree in human
resources if you think you can work well with people to motivate them and keep them focused.