What Can You Do with a BSN

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What Can You Do with a BSN?
A Bachelor's of Science and Nursing Degree in nursing can be beneficial to your career
as a nurse. You may be able to obtain more leadership roles and responsibilities. There
may also be more expectations for you to play a bigger role in high-stakes situations.
Here are just a few responsibilities you may take on with a BSN:
Treating patients with injuries, illnesses, and other medical conditions
Educating patients, and even the public, about improvement of health habits
Develop nursing care treatment plans
Medication and injection administration
Supervision and task assignment of other nurses
Perform routine lab work
Assist doctors during major procedures or surgeries
What You Can Do
Several new opportunities arise when you receive your BSN. The following are just a few
of the jobs that you can take on.
Staff Nurse
o This job entails providing direct patient care as ordered by the physician.
Carrying out treatment, medications, and injections, educating families, and
assistance during various procedures can all be done as a Staff Nurse.
Nurse Midwife
o Under the supervision of a physician, you can provide obstetric care such as
exams, advice, and consult.
Critical Care Registered Nurse
o Working in the ICU can be rewarding, and you will be monitoring patients
closely during their stay.
Clinical Nurse Educator
o You may also like to educate and train recent graduates, aspiring nurses, or
other clinical staff.
Medical and Health Services Manager
o Administrative tasks are performed during this job. Finance Management,
and organization of medical services, and creating work schedules are just a
few responsibilities that you will have.
Where You Can Work
Public Surgical and Medical Offices
o Now less common in the US, public hospitals employ fewer nurses.
Administering medications, keeping patient records, and helping out in the
emergency room and maternity ward can be rewarding at a public institution.
Physician's Offices
o With a job at a doctor's office, you can avoid most of the emergency situations
that arise at a hospital or other care center. You will have more regular hours.
With duties such as overseeing records, prepping patients, and giving
injections, your work will be rewarding and appreciated.
Home Health Care Services
o These patients may be adults who cannot take care of themselves or children
with needs their parents cannot meet. You will work to ensure that your
patients get the care and medications that they need.
Nursing Care Facilities
o Providing elderly patient care or rehabilitation are standard facilities that you
can work with a BSN. You will have responsibilities like bathing and assisting
with daily activities or providing rehab care for newly released patients.
Private Surgical and Medical Hospitals
o 48% of the nursing workforce work in private institutions. You will treat a
broad range of injuries and illnesses, most commonly in the emergency room,
during surgery, or in the maternity ward.
Getting your BSN can be an excellent addition to your credentials. You will have more
responsibility and care options for your patients. As long as you work hard and have a
passion for taking care of people, your career as a nurse will take off with a BSN.
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