What Can You Do with a Ph.d

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What Can You Do with a Ph.D. in Nursing?
With a doctorate degree in nursing, the opportunities are vast. It may seem strange at
first, but a nursing doctorate can take you higher than you thought possible. A Ph.D. in
nursing allows you to expand your knowledge and your options.
It may not be a common choice, but getting a doctorate in nursing can help to further
your career if you find yourself wanting more. You will have many more responsibilities.
These responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Management of other nurses and staff
Research conduction
Educating patients and the public on issues regarding health care
Leadership roles in providing patient care
Development of policies and procedures
Where You Can Work
There are many places you can work as a nurse with a doctorate degree. The options
include many that are unavailable to the average nurse. Here are just a few of these
Public Health Offices
o Being an expert in public health is a great way to put your knowledge to work.
You will have a larger influence on policymakers and health officials, and you
can help them to create smart, research-based solutions to public health
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
o To play a bigger role in patient treatment plans, you can work in a hospital
while conducting research. This research can help the hospital institute new
policies and have better health care in general.
Research Facilities
o Doing research on health issues that people face can be beneficial not only to
the community but to you, too. You can study the causes behind modern
medical problems or find cures for them. This gratifying work can be an
excellent way to use your newly gained knowledge.
Independent Practice
o Opening your own independent practice is also a great, if not ambitious,
option. You will be able to treat how you want and work when you want. It is
not an easy task, but it will certainly be rewarding.
Physician's Offices
o If you want to work somewhere small and tight-knit, another medical
practitioner's practice may be a good fit. You will probably be able to work in
higher-paying management roles.
What You Can Do
Nursing Faculty Member
o You may be suited to teach nursing students and helping them to conduct
their own research. Other responsibilities include mentoring and creating,
implementing, and evaluating program curricula.
Director of Nursing Research
o In this position, you may be in charge of a group of nurses that are conducting
research. You may also be responsible for overseeing all projects that are
being done.
Director of Clinical Services
o With this job, you will manage daily operations regarding patient care and
liaison between management departments. You may also generate reports
relating to the efficiency of workflow and patient satisfaction.
As a nurse with a Ph.D., you will enter a new world of nursing. There are plenty of career
advancement opportunities for nurses with Ph.D.'s. Once you obtain this prestigious
degree, your options are limitless.
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