What Causes Bad Breath and How to Cure it

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Summary: The problem of bad breath, also known as Halitosis, is something everyone faces. But,
some people have a bad breath everyday even though they brush their teeth and clean their mouth
on daily basis.
Halitosis, or bad odour in the mouth, is a common problem and is especially peculiar after waking up
in the morning. But some people face this problem even after cleaning their mouth because of which
they have to use mouth fresheners, chewing gums and other mouth refreshing products all day long.
If the causes are known, the problem can be reduced by considerable amount.
The real causes:
The most important reason of bad breath is the food that we eat all day long. Some food items cause
a lot of bad odour and onion and garlic tops the list. Other foods that are responsible are few
varieties of cheeses, fish, coffee, too much spicy food and even fizzy drinks. People who smoke and
use tobacco specifically face this problem. The science behind it is that the food gets stuck between
the teeth which produce bacteria all through the night causing the mouth to stink. Some diets which
are low in carbohydrates cause the fat in the body to burn slowly so that energy can be released.
With this energy, substances called ketones are also produced which is also a major reason for bad
Other reasons are poor condition of teeth which includes plaque in the mouth, some other health
problems like sinus, sore throat, diabetes, stomach problems, bronchitis (and many more), dry
mouth, medications and braces. Dry mouth is caused by absence of saliva. Saliva actually helps in
cleaning the mouth but when it is not present, the mouth stinks.
How to avoid bad breath
It might be very embarrassing if somebody else tells you about the bad breath. So, if you don't have
the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, then inculcate this habit. Also, after eating the meals,
do not forget to rinse your mouth with water so that food particles do not stay inside. Use of floss is
strongly suggested. The use of tobacco and cigarettes should be stopped. To avoid dry mouth, you
should drink water at regular intervals so that saliva levels can be maintained. After your meals, you
can also have something natural like mint to chew. In case the cause is some medical problem, then
it has to be treated as soon as possible. The only cause which you might not be able to help is the
medication. Some medicines are bound to produce smelly odour. All you can do about it is to
contact your doctor to ask for a substitute.
Apart from following all the remedies, you should still keep some mouth freshening product with
you all the time which you can pop in mouth whenever needed. Note that in case you use chewing
gums and mouth fresheners, then they should be sugar free. If such products contain sugar, they
may cause diabetes after usage in long run. Opt for companies like KForce which help by providing
complete kits for handling such problems in every way possible.
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