What Causes Hemorrhoids, Treatment For Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoid Bleeding

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A Hemorrhoid Is Identified As Any
Abnormally Swollen Veins In The
Anus Or Rectum.

There Are Two
Types Of
Internal And

Internal Hemorrhoids
Don't Hurt Or Itch. They
Can't Be Felt Because
They Form Deep Inside
The Rectum. External
Hemorrhoids Are The
Cause Of The Pain,
Itching And Burning
That You Often Hear
About On TV.

How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoid

There Are Several Ways To Get
Rid Of Hemorrhoids, Here Are
The Tips:

1. Soaking In
Warm Water, In
Addition To
Swelling Can
Also Kill The
Bacteria Found In
The Anus.

2. Anusol
Cream Anal
Area, Usually
Cream Can Be
Found In
Pharmacies Or
Drug Stores.

3. Operation, This Is
A Last Solution If
Your Hemorrhoids
Ambient Or Non-
healing Through A
Variety Of
Treatments. But, You
Have To Provide More
Money For Treatment.

4. Giving Aloe Vera Gel
(Aloe Vera) In Anal Area
Can Also Help Reduce
Alternatively, You Can
Use A Natural Remedy
Based Violet Leaves
(Graptophyllum Pictum)
Against Hemorrhoids.