What could be the best methods for wireframing iOS apps

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Wire framing is an important thing in the SDLC of a mobile application and it not restrained
till the designers only.Read more!
Wireframing is a critical step into realizing any potential application idea to reality. Mobile
app developers are in constant search for tools that create wireframes for applications with
minimal efforts. There are various methods and tools by which one can create wireframes.
And the category is basically determined by the nature of the user creating the wire frame.

Wireframes may be created by either an artist or the person who is coming up with an app
idea of his own. Fundamentally wireframes have been associated with professionals who are
on the creation part but recently many mobile applications have sprung up that provides an
opportunity for the general user to create their own wireframe for the mobile apps they
would like to create.
Wireframe tools designers. There are various tools to create wireframes for mobile
applications. It depends on the comfort of the designer. He may use Photoshop, coraldraw or
illustrator to create the wireframe according to his convenience. Most of the expert
designers who like to create everything from scratch, like this method. However, there are

other tools for computers that could do the same task with ease. These software are pre
loaded with options that might reduce the flexibility working with a basic tool such as
illustrator. But on the other hand it makes the task simpler and easy for designers to create
the wireframes quickly. See some of the tools for designers to create wireframes on
computer. http://mashable.com/2010/07/15/wireframing-tools/
While designers create their stuff on conventional tools most of the time, app owners also
need tools that can allow them to create quick wireframes. An app owner can be an ameture
when it comes to designing aspects and designing tools altogether. Hence, It is better for
them if they can create the wireframe on the mobile device itself with a perfect visual
However, these tools are also helpful for designers as they allow them to create navigations
as it is conceptualized. Some of the apps in this category are app cooker, Kynotopia, pop
app etc.
Wire framing is an important thing in the SDLC of a mobile application and it not restrained
till the designers only. It has evolved as a two way process benefiting the mobile app
developers and the app owners at the same time.