What Does a Marushin Airsoft M1 Garand Rifle Have in Store For You?

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What Does a Marushin Airsoft M1 Garand Rifle Have in Store For

Andrew / March 6, 2014 -- Airsoft Guns
A s the first semi-automatic rifle to be assigned to infantrymen in great numbers, the M1
Garand is often touted as one of the most inexhaustible weapons to be used by military
men since decades. In fact, it was the first semi-automatic rifle to be mass produced
during World War II. Engineer John Cantius Garand had designed the M1 Garand rifle
while he was working in the Springfield A rmory during the year 1928. This crafty piece of
weaponry was consequently adopted by the US army- who used it as their main battle
rifle with thousands of A merican soldiers seen heading to the battlefield with these guns slinging over their shoulders.
However, the gun has had its share of problems initially and the US army had to replace it by the M19203 Springfield
bolt-action rifle after several trials. The Garand models meanwhile had undergone several changes to be accepted as the
primary weapon of the US A rmy for World War II.
The Marushin M1 Garand
The A irsoft M1 Garand rifle is an exact replica of the real M1 Garand. The Marushin M1
Garand makes for one of the most preferred accompaniments of airsofters. It's
completely made of metal and wood without even a traceable speck of plastic anywhere
on its exterior. This is one of the most unique recreations of the real Garand that comes
wrapped in special walnut hardwood and is duly varnished and stained as well.
A Bit about the Operation of the Marushin M1 Garand
Now, the brilliantly crafted piece of weaponry involves a very complicated mechanism and if you're just a beginner, you
might as well not want to invest in it. Here is more about its mechanism:
Load the weapon by pulling back the bolt and keep the gun open while pushing back the bolt forward so that it
catches the interior of the mechanism- this enables you to hold back the bolt and pop in a clip.
A fter the clip is inserted you can release the bolt to close it
The small plastic clip looks exactly the same as the one used in the real gun when it's unloaded- so the ejection
appears real even after the last BB is fired.
Please remember that the bolt won't close automatically if the clip is not loaded only when the weapon is filled
with BBs.
If you're willing to insert the clip in the gun without BBs then you should remember to disable the bolt catch
when the clip is inside the gun by pushing the bolt lever back to the right inside the weapon
One of the major merits of this airsoft gun is that retains some of the best features of its
real counterpart. Besides, the ejection that appears real, the Garand clip holds 8 rounds
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of large caliber like the real gun. Standard airsoft guns generally use 6mm BBs, so you
can well imagine the kind of intimidation factor introduced in the field by the these replica
M1 Garand rifles with the 8mm BBs.
A s far as the shooting experience is concerned, you can be rest assured that you're in for a wonderful surprise. The
trigger pull is brittle and the response is quite fast. The firing experience turns out to be a real joy as after each shot the
bolts makes a great sound after cycling itself as it slams in to the back of the gun with a great kick!
You are already aware of the supreme craftsmanship of the airsoft M1 garand rifle. The stock feels amazingly warm in
your hands and the smoothness of the varnishing bolsters the overall look. The combination of the silky wood and jet
black metal makes it a much coveted buy.
AUTHOR: Sean is a passionate airsofter and likes experimenting with the various M series guns including m4 airsoft
rifle, M1 Garand rifle, M4 CQB airsoft guns and A irsoft m4 ras guns etc.
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