What Drives our Church Ministries?

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what motivates our church ministry
Among the fantastic difficulties we deal with in the Christian church is trying to determine exactly
what drives our ministries. While many pastors believe that they are moved by the Holy Spirit, in
many churches if you look under the surface the motivation and direction of Ministry is in fact
controlled by something totally different!
Psalm 127:1 says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord
watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain." When it comes to building a church, if our
motivation for Ministry is not right, then we are aiming to construct your home ourselves rather
letting the Lord construct it.
So what motivates most churches when it comes to their ministries?
Many churches are market driven, and so the ministries that we carry out within the church are
based upon supply and need, or providing the people exactly what they desire. If we follow this
pursuit, we put increasingly more resources into making our discussion and show incredible
rather than making it increasingly more godly. We attempt to entertain rather than challenge. We
attempt to develop the house ourselves rather than letting the Lord do it!
Another motivation is the needs of individuals. While a church definitely must be seeking to take
care of the requirements of its churchgoers, we ought to not let viewed needs be the driving force
behind our Ministry activities. If you are continuously transferring to fulfill requirements, then your
whole church existence focuses on putting out fires and listening to those who complain the
loudest. Once more, we try to develop your house ourselves instead of letting the Lord do it!
I think that ministries in a church have to be based upon a clear leading from the Holy Spirit, and it
must be set firmly upon the word of God instead of on the whims and viewpoints of church
members, or the needs of the consumer.
Such statements are obviously simple to make, however the truth is it is much harder to listen and
be loyal than it is to attempt and do things ourselves.
Even as pastors, occasionally we feel that we just need to help God out a little bit, since he seems
to take too long to grow our parishes the method we feel they need to be growing.
We have to also not be puzzled by growth in numbers. While development in numbers is
necessary, development in individuals and in their spiritual life is much more vital! If we amuse,
we may attract the numbers, however never ever truly be considerably touching in changing the
lives of the people who attend our church.
So the difficulty for church leadership in the 21st century is not to desert contemporary technology
or make our services dull, but to keep the balance between entertainment and real Ministry. We
have to remain to speak life to our individuals, and to challenge and motivate them. We need to
not invest our entire presence listening to complaints, however rather we need to listen to God
and be loyal in every element of our ministries.
Unless the Lord constructs your house, unless the Lord constructs our church. We labor in vain!
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