What is a Virtual Assistant and Why Do You Need One?

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What is a Virtual Assistant and Why Do You Need One?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a skilled independent professional who
primarily plays the role of a personal secretary. The job role of a VA
includes providing administrative support to busy businessmen and
entrepreneurs. Most of the time a VA doubles up with specialized
services to the employer. You must be wondering why such
assistants are called virtual.
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This is simply because these assistants help you from their remote
office. It may be miles or even continents away. Running the show
with the help of a virtual assistant has been made possible by the
advent of internet. Those who are used to regular office assistants
may be skeptical about VAs. But hold on! Having a Virtual Assistant
can be greatly beneficial to you in more ways than one.
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With a trusted and responsible virtual assistant you can build long-
term working relationships with a client. Your VA will be in touch
with your client through phone, voice mail, e-mail and fax to meet
all their requirements. Your VA can also help you by fixing your
schedules, appointments and by providing you reminders too. The
VA can pitch in with other specialized services like power point
presentations, internet marketing services, data processing, internet
research, advertisements etc.
Work which does not need much of your attention can be diverted to

your VA. This will help you devote more of your time to growing
your business, seeking other opportunities or may be even spending
more leisure time with your family. You must be wondering this is
precisely what your regular personal assistant would also do, so
what's new about it? Well, your VA would do all this and at the same
time; help you save a lot of money.
When you hire a VA you need not share space in a home-office, or
find additional office space. This saves you from bearing the
electricity bills and also put up with personnel issues like
absenteeism etc.. Likewise, you do not have to pay taxes, insurance,
and possibly benefits. You do not have to buy additional office
equipment like computers, furniture, A/C's, nor have to adhere to
Federal and State mandates.
With a need to curb growing costs without quite compromising on
professional efficiency, a Virtual Assistants is the need of the hour.
The time is not far off when VAs will rule the roost in the business
world. It is time you avail the services of a VA, much before the
entire world wakes up to the reality.