What is an E Cigarette?

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What is an E Cigarette?
It's funny to hear and see the reactions of people when I exhale after taking
a draw from my disposable e-cig. It has become common place to treat
those who smoke cigarettes as if leprosy was the issue so the initial
reaction is usually the same. In fact what appears to be smoke leaving my
mouth after a satisfying draw from my e-cig is mostly water vapor. The
disposable e-cig is a great alternative to cigarettes. I have been using an
e-cig, also known as an electronic cigarette or vapor cigarette for about 4
months now and the reactions of others vary, but more about that later.
Many ask, once they realize it is not a cigarette, "what is that?" An e-cig is
nothing more than a simple vaporizer consisting of a mixture of propylene
glycol diluting a measured dose of nicotine in liquid form. When used it
simulates the act of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.
An e-cig contains four main components :-
1. Cartridge that may also serve as a mouthpiece
2. Reservoir for liquid sometimes referred to as the "Tank"
3. An "atomizer" that vaporizes the liquid
4. Battery
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What is an E Cigarette?
Disposable e-cigs are a great alternative to smoking and can be found in
most gas stations and convenience stores. Saving money especially in this
economy is an additional benefit in using the disposable e-cig. Ranging
from $5.95 to $12.00 for a 500 puff disposable e-cig compares to three to
four packs of cigarettes.
Disposable e-cigs come in a variety of colors and looks letting you the
user tailor your e-cig to match your personality. In addition to how the
device appears you can control the flavors and the amount of nicotine you
actually receive in some models. With most cartridges in an e-cig lasting
for hundreds of draws or puffs you can rest assured you will never have to
fight a nic-fit or bum a cigarette again.
Your e-cigarette will also come with a few options for charging the
battery. A wall and car adapter along with the USB charger is all you need.
You will be able to charge your e-cig by plugging it into the wall, the car
adapter or directly into a USB port on an electrical device. I love the fact
that I can charge my e-cig anywhere.
Watching facial expressions as I use my e-cig is great. People assume that
I am smoking but when they realize the scent of smoke is missing they
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What is an E Cigarette?
appear puzzled. I was approached outside a local venue waiting for a show
puffing on my e-cig when a smoker asked for a light. As I exhale I tell the
guy that I do not smoke. He wasn't pleased as he walked away; even he
thought I was smoking.
People are more accepting of the e l ectric cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes
and they are popping up everywhere. E-cig friendly establishments are
even advertising that fact. It's nice to sit and enjoy a beverage in a local
bar or restaurant and enjoy my e-cig.
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