What Is an SEO Consultant?

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What Is an SEO Consultant?
Today, most new business is generated online, which helps to lower costs and
also increase flexibility. A drawback of this type of business is that it still
needs customers just like any other 'shop'. The business needs to not only
look attractive so that people will browse around and make a purchase but
also be accessible and easily found by potential site visitors. This is where
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play because it is a method to
attract the optimum number of users to a site. It is necessary because even
though a website may be highly attractive to look at, use and be full of great
information, if nobody knows it is there, then nobody will visit.
SEO Consultant
The position of a website in search engines such as Google or Yahoo is one-
third dependent upon the actual site content and two-thirds dependent on
factors such as blog comments, bookmarks, inbound links and videos.
Basically, if a website is not found within the first two pages of search results
then it is highly likely that it will not be located. Making sure that a website
has a significant number of inbound links and that the site content is relevant
will lead to an increase in search engine rankings.
A major responsibility of SEO consultants is to work out keywords and
phrases that match user search patterns. Following this the SEO consultant
utilises the keywords and phrases to produce articles and further content to be
added to the website. In doing so, they promote the natural progression of
website ranking and give strategies to help the client to further develop the
popularity of their site.
The process appears to be straightforward, however, SEO does not happen
overnight. In reality, it is a rolling process that can take months before results
appear, therefore, it is essential that once the desired ranking is achieved,

SEO remains an ongoing process. One reason for this is that search
algorithms alter regularly and an SEO consultant is best placed to monitor
when this happens and make adjustments where necessary.
Basic SEO services will put in place procedures that make a website more
attractive. The content put onto a site needs to be relevant and unique in order
to draw in and retain visitors. SEO consultants aim to provide clients with all
the information they need to implement their search engine optimisation
Outsourcing website optimisation to an SEO consultant can be extremely
beneficial to business and often provides many advantages. It can be cost-
effective due to the reduction in staffing and the need for specialist training, it
also allows companies to keep their focus on the core objective of their
business, therefore, allowing more ways to achieve corporate goals.
There are many levels of SEO consultant that you can chooses from to help
you increase your website rankings and consultants often specialise in
different areas of optimisation and different types of website. Optimising an
eCommerce store requires a very different strategy and process than
optimising a portfolio website, so make sure that you look at the previous
work that the consultant has carried out and, most importantly, the results
they have achieved.
Obtain quotes from two or three different consultants, get them to explain
their strategy for increasing your website rankings to you and then carry out a
like for like comparison or services and cost.