What is Business Process Reengineering?

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The increasing need to manage competitive pressures demands that organizations be
both more flexible and adaptive. To maintain this agility when updating business
processes, companies must decrease vulnerability by reducing the cost of predictable
failures and enhance adaptability by reducing the cost of adjustment.

Business process reengineering (BPR) considers these issues with a comprehensive view
of process transformation. Effective BPR respects more elusive factors like social issues,
business strategy, people performance and enabling technologies. To facilitate an
increase in the quality of process change projects, organizations today must look at
business process reengineering as a holistic approach to change.

What is Business Process Reengineering?

BPR includes the critical analysis and redesign of existing business processes to achieve
breakthrough improvements in performance measures.

BPR is a methodology that drives business value by:
a) enabling business strategies
b) effectively designing and implementing best practices for core business
c) optimizing existing or new technologies
d) aligning an organization’s structure to enhance its ability to execute against the
business process designs

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Some key obstacles faced in reengineering projects include the lack of ongoing
management commitment, unrealistic scope and the overall resistance to change. How do
you successfully plot a course through a major process change and avoid these pitfalls?
The ultimate success of a major business process change depends on how well detailed
knowledge and proven experience is applied to the redesign. By taking a strategic view,
and considering all peripheral aspects of the change, hazards can be proactively

Hitachi Consulting utilizes a common BPR framework, which establishes a foundational
landscape for all solution development and delivery. This enables us to not only perceive
potential risks, but also to plan for implementing the change. With a consistent approach
and proven methodology we are able to deliver results by not just executing change but by
facilitating it.

Keys to Successful BPR

Holistic Approach
It is fundamental to take a holistic approach and integrate the impact on strategy, people,
processes and the enabling technologies. This allows for anticipating risks and hazards
during the process, not as an after thought, and ensuring that the change is effective.

Cyclical Approach
The process design and development stages should be developed in cycles. By exiting
development once the design has been effectively tuned, implementation can begin
without constant interruptions and costly additions of time. This allows for the development
of unique custom solutions by spending uninterrupted time on process design.

Facilitative Approach
When organizations feel like victims of change rather than initiators of it, resistance can
build. By using a methodology that includes a facilitative approach to implement the new
business process, resistance can be reduced.

Software Company Seeks Sales and Marketing Process Redesign
The client, a dynamic global software corporation, lacked coordinated processes and
supporting technologies between its sales and marketing functions within the United
States. This affected other departments who interacted with sales and marketing and
ultimately had an impact on their ability to attract and acquire customers.

We analyzed the organization’s sales and marketing strategies and assessed its process
needs against strategic priorities. Our work included the analysis of five distinct

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responsibilities including prospect management, events, e-marketing, contact
management and privacy.

The result of this analysis included the development of leading edge processes,
supporting tools, metrics and a new taxonomy. The successful new processes have given
the client:
• More focused ability to control customer touch points
• A refined sales and customer taxonomy
• Metrics for prospect generation campaigns
• Privacy education and guidelines for 3rd party partners and telesales

“Hitachi Consulting has taken the time to understand the direction our business is taking
and to find creative ways to support complex requirements and meet our high
expectations. The Hitachi Consulting team goes well beyond analytical and project
management skills. They bring a can do attitude that sets them apart from other

Hitachi Consulting Helps Non-Profit Organization Enhance Its Business
The client, one of the largest faith based organizations in the United States, was facing
intense internal pressure to reduce overhead costs. The organization was also
transitioning to a new management team who wanted to bring enhanced business
processes and skills to its non-profit environment.

Our approach included a rapid business assessment, strategic process implementation
and systems selection and implementation. We developed processes for a call center,
donation processing, a balanced scorecard and customer retention programs.

These tools and metrics support the client’s business processes and have led to a $13
million annualized benefit.

“The consultant from Hitachi Consulting has an amazing ability to listen, discern,
understand then translate all the insights and concerns from Marketing. He is wise and
encouraging and strives to find a win-win for all stakeholders involved.”

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understand their needs and to enable and implement key business strategies. Hitachi
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