What is Career Development Coaching?

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What is Career Development Coaching?

At C2 we don’t have a magic formula or an infallible technique
reflect constructively on your experiences and clearly
which we apply to everyone. Although there are certain issues
identify crucial factors which will determine your future
that commonly crop up when you are trying to develop or
career satisfaction. We help you to determine what
change your career, differences in individual circumstances and
questions you really need to ask yourself about any
personality mean that there is no one approach that will work
possible career option.
for everyone. Therefore, the coaching we do is different for
− You gain a greater understanding of your potential. It can
every client. We try to tailor what we do with you to meet your
be very difficult to evaluate the skills and abilities you have
unique needs. Having said that, there are certain key principles
gained from your experiences and to understand how these
that we adhere to:
can be used in other situations. We can help you to examine
− You have the power. We don’t “sort you out”. We help you
your achievements objectively and identify how you might
to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding you
use your talents in different settings.
need to manage your own career. If all you need is a gentle
− You identify and evaluate potential options. We are often
nudge in the right direction, that’s all we will give you.
able to suggest possible career options that you haven’t
− You have the responsibility. We don’t “tell you what to do”.
already thought of. However, more importantly, what we
We will help you to identify and evaluate your options thus
will certainly be able to do is help you to think of ways in
enabling you to make your own decisions about your future.
which you can generate those ideas for yourself and
− You have the choice. We don’t “put you through a
broaden your knowledge of the career market.
programme”. You can choose to have as few or as many
− You get a detached perspective on your ideas and plans.
sessions with your consultant as you want. We will work
Our consultants have experience of dealing with a range of
with you until you feel confident that you are able to make
clients from diverse backgrounds facing a variety of issues.
progress towards your goals.
This means that they can help you to look at your own

situation from a different viewpoint and gain new insights.
What does it involve?
They can also help you to see if you are on the right track.
In practice, coaching consists of one or more one-to-one
− You make important decisions. Sometimes it can be
discussions with an experienced career consultant. What is
difficult to choose between the potential options you have
discussed in coaching sessions can range from the concrete
identified. As well as assisting you to weigh up the pros and
and immediate (e.g. helping you to plan a tailored job hunting
cons of each option, we can help you to look more closely at
strategy or working out how to get the information you need) to
your decision making and develop different approaches.
the reflective and profound (e.g. uncovering reasons for your
− You find practical ways forward to achieve your goals.
dissatisfaction with your job or exploring self-defeating
Knowing what you want to do is half of the problem. You
patterns of behaviour in your career management).
also need to find the best way of achieving your goals. Our

consultants can help you to identify practical steps and the
During the discussion, your consultant will help you to identify
most effective strategies.
some things that you can go away and do as a follow-up to your
− You are inspired into action. You may have been thinking
consultation. You may then wish to have a subsequent
for a long time about making a change, but just haven’t got
consultation to discuss the progress you have made and identify
round to it yet. Career coaching can help it all seem more
further steps.
real and achievable, making it more likely that you will do

something about it.
How will it help?

Below is a list of some of the things that can commonly happen
Making the most of it
in career coaching sessions (it’s by no means exhaustive):
You may find that you get more out of your personal

consultation if you spend some time thinking about yourself and

You have a chance to talk and be listened to. Some people
just need to put their thoughts in order by talking through
your situation beforehand. Some things to consider are:
their situation. Our career consultants are skilled and
− the qualities, interests, skills, experience or motivations
impartial listeners. They will ask thought-provoking
would you like to use in your future career
questions and help you look at things from different
− significant experiences that have helped to shape you
perspectives to bring about a better understanding of your
− what your strengths and weaknesses may be
situation and to clarify your ideas. We provide the sort of
− particularly influential factors in your career choices; what
listening that friends and family can’t manage because they
you want to put into your career and what you want to get
are too involved or might not take you seriously.
out of it
− You get a clearer idea of what will really make the
difference. Sometimes you’re not sure why you are
dissatisfied with your career or what you should be looking
for in a new direction. Our consultants can help you to
C2, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London WC1B 5DN 020 7863 6060 [email protected] www.c2careers.com

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