What Is Dubstep Music

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What is Dubstep Music?

So what makes a kind of music unique enough to be given its own name and genre to identify it to
the masses? This question is one that can be answered in many ways. Music has always had a
unique influence on people that almost no other form of art can manifest in its audience and Dubstep
is no different. Dubstep music is a modern style of electronically driven dance music that is more
recently gaining popularity in the masses. It appeals to a younger more hip-hop driven generation
and is now entering into harder styles of sound. Before you judge dubstep music, why not first take
a look at its origins.

The Origin of Dubstep and Dubstep Software


Starting out as a variety of drum and bass music, it originated in the garages and warehouses of
music raves in the U.K. in London. Some people even state that Dubstep originated as a variety of
big bass music coming out of Jamaica and evolved into an electronic form of the sound. But
whatever the source of this genre, Dubstep has slowly grown to a grime style and ultimately made
its way to becoming a dominant bass sound that revolves somewhere around 142 beats per second
roughly. As the style spread from London out to its European neighbors such as France and Sweden

it grew in popularity. Soon it would touch ground in continents all over the world. It has already
destroyed lives in Australia, Japan, South America and now the United States.

The Rise of Dubstep

Dubstep has not always been popular and it didn't quite spread like wild fire until the past 2 years or
so. In the beginning it was very similar to other styles of music and wasn't know quite yet as
"dubstep". As it began to evolve, it had its own sound injected into every song with heavy bass and
its unique BPMs. It's gaining massive radio play nowadays and is even appearing prime time
television and pop songs by otherwise non-Dubstep artists. Music shops and raves around the world
are responsible for the spread of the genre, but they were not quite as influential as night clubs have
been for the hard style. Without the play of night clubs around the world, dubstep wouldn't have
even seen the light of day. Fans of the music would pour into shows around the world just to hear a
taste of the new brand of sound.

A Unique Sound

The beat of Dubstep music is a constant fixed tempo which produces a unique sound and feeling for
the audience. Listeners want to move their heads and bodies to the sound of the fading percussions
and deep drums and bass. The electronic sound ads a hint of high-pitched flavor along with a
dirtiness that no other kind of music can produce. Because of the rising popularity of dubstep, clubs
in New York to San Fransisco are now pumping the genre through their giant speakers to an
audience that now demands hearing it nightly.

Although Britney Spears and Rihanna have now featured a bit of Dubstep Software in a few of their
hits, some see the genre reaching its peak. Where it goes from here no one can really tell. It's not
uncommon to hear a dubstep influenced beat almost anywhere nowadays. From NFL football to the
Electric Daisy Carnival, you don't have to look far to find something dirty and grimy to add to your