What is High Performance in BPO? Five Practices That Can Drive Persisting Value from a BPO Services

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What is High Performance in BPO?
Published By: Snehal Joshi
BPO Project Manager @ HiTechBPOServices.com
Business process outsourcing popularly known as BPO has been around since three decades; and now
we are seeing the bar being raised in terms of what companies are excepting from their BPO providers.
Earlier companies were expecting greater efficiency, streamlined operations and lower costs from a
"But now things have changed. We are seeing things like business insight, innovation, and domain
expertise in BPO services, collaborative BPO efforts, efficient data management, and solutions
catering to customized needs, commitment towards continuous improvements and more as a primary
means of affiliating with a BPO".
But the question is how will one evaluate whether a BPO is performing at its pinnacle and delivering
high performance? To know this answer it is essential to understand different areas which when
aggregated extract greater business value from their BPO relationships than the majority. Let us look at
these areas in detail:
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A Rounded Work Approach:
High performing BPO takes into account collaborative BPO efforts including things managed within the
client's enterprise, those run by third parties along with related processes that may impact the overall
In high performing BPOs client and provider work as a team to emphasis on overall process excellence
and business outcomes to which Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are simply an indicator. In high
performing BPO; client and provider work together on process consolidation, rationalization and
standardization across business units and geographies.
Consideration of BPO Provider as a Partner:
In any organization relationship building is the key and BPO is no different. It has been observed that in
high-performance BPO; collaborative BPO governance is given lot of weight in terms of relationship
building between the two parties and driving both the parties to high level of performance. Some of the
distinct features of this collaboration are that senior leaderships from both the parties work cohesively
to comprehend each other's objectives. The other benefit is the fact that companies continuously adopt
their BPO requirements as per the varying market situations and new delivery capabilities.
Constantly Upgrading in Terms of Changes in Transition and Beyond:
The difference between high-performance BPOs and laggards is the fact that high-performers in BPO
adjust in terms of changes in transition and beyond. While their counterparts are not so good at
executing a robust change management program; high performing BPO can be evaluated from the fact
that these organizations can adjust in terms of transitioning from its previous mode of operations to the
new outsourcing environment. The other thing is that they can adjust incessantly towards long term
Value beyond Cost:
High-performing BPO acknowledges the importance of cost effectiveness; but do not consider it as a
prime motivation. High-performance BPOs are more than willing to consider greater functionality from
the outsourced service even if it costs more.
Providing Breakthrough Technology as a Source of Business Innovation:
High performing BPOs consider technology as a prime source for innovation and advantage not as just
infrastructure of delivery. It is also a known fact that effective technologies and architectures result in
cost effectiveness and efficient operations thereby reducing the systems involved. Hence; high
performing BPOs use technology in such a manner that helps in providing effective performance
monitoring, greater transparency, and innovations that can be used for innovations of new products and
All these areas when aggregated; results in high performance in BPO.
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