What is Joomla? Why it's used for website design and development ?

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What is Joomla? Why it's used for website
design and development ?
Being a free open source, Joomla is a preferred choice of many users and developers
worldwide. It is widely used for developing feature-rich CMS websites. It is known
to be SEO-friendly CMS. Hence, when you choose Joomla website design and
development, you can expect your website to rank higher in the search engines.
Moreover, there would be a high volume of targeted traffic to your website too.
Joomla is an effective content management system that is used for creating different
types of websites - eCommerce websites, personal sites, blogs, educational portals,
etc. Being a free open source, Joomla is widely used for building eye-catchy and
attractive websites. It is known to be a flexible and scalable solution for website
design and development. There are numerable plugins available for website
development. Hence, you can add as many features as you may want for your
website and increase its performance.
The major benefit of Joomla web development is that it is SEO-friendly. Joomla
websites rank higher in the search engines. Such websites drive targeted traffic also.
When the number of visitors to your website would increase, your business sales and
profits would improve. Moreover, user friendly websites can be created by using
Joomla website development services.
If you are looking for a CMS and feature-rich website, this open source can be the
right choice. It has a user friendly and simple to use admin panel that can be
managed by anyone easily. One does not need any technical training or skills to
manage the website which is built using Joomla. The users can get complete control
over the website. All the pages of the website can be managed via backend. It's quick
and easy too. They can edit or add the content to the website easily. It is a safe and
risk-free open source.
This content management system supports multiple languages. Hence, you can
develop a multilingual website using Joomla web development. The users can view
pages in different languages with just a single click. This is an added advantage of
Joomla. It has many built-in features too.

As Joomla has a large community of developers, it is a trusted choice of many
programmers across the globe. There are thousands of add-ons and extensions
available today. Most of the plugins are available free of cost. Hence, the developers
can customize the web applications in an easy and simple way.
There are various design options available in Joomla. One can customize the
template and change the layout of the web pages. The users get unlimited website
design service and layout options with this open source. User friendly and easy to
navigate websites can be created by using Joomla. Such websites would surely
appeal to the users and web surfers.
The owners of corporate organizations prefer to revamp their website every 2 to 3
years. The developers would not need to copy all the pages or migrate them as this
may be quite complicated. The look and feel of the website can be changed
completely by the developers with a few clicks.