What is Life Like for the American Male?

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What is Life Like for the Contemporary American Male ?
I recently had the experience of listening to my 77-year old mother
and her 90-year old friend ramble on and on about how screwed up
the young people are nowadays, and most of what they had to say
was true enough. Yet I became a little irritated with them because
they did not seem to have any understanding whatsoever as to why
my generation is the way that it is, just that they were screwed up. I
am in generation X, born in the Summer of 1968. My generation
lives in the shadow of a monstrocity known as the baby boomer
generation. And the way the baby boomers have conducted
themselves both personally and professionally in this lifetime has
pretty much ruined everything for my generation. I don't think it is
possible to understand generation X without a good understanding of
the nature of the generation that directly preceeded it.
For someone in my age bracket, things began to spiral downhill
quite early in life. It is quite something actually, the America that I
remember, when I was under the age of 12. It was a magical world,
we lived in a great country (not just militarily) that was putting men
on the moon and we had a very strong middle class. My father was a
business man, yet we lived next door to a blue collar guy that (in
1973) was making $17.00 an hour working in a manufacturing plant.
The person that does his job now in 2012 earns $9.00 an hour.
Everything began to change in 1980, right around the time baby
boomers were entering the professional world. Many things
changed, from the nature of television shows (which began to glorify
greed and wealth around that time), and of course the election of
Ronald Reagan was devastating to the middle class. For the first
time in history, it became a good thing to steal from the middle class,
such as the college benefits I was supposed to receive in exchange
for my father having fought in the Korean War.

I make the year 1980 as the keystone year which eventually led to
the destruction of the middle class and ultimately the status of the
United States. Since that date, it has been just one thing after another
that has reduced our status in society. So many things, it just cannot
be chance. It seems deliberate to me.
American males, and in particular white males, are being targeted
now, from all sides, foreign and domestic, in so many different ways
it is mind boggling. All of these extraneous things that occur in the
world, even in one's own country, can be tolerated as long as one has
a good family, a wife that loves you, and kids that love you, and vice
versa. But now even that is questionable, and that also seems to be
under attack as well.
I have been blessed with having a good amount of friends in my
adult life, I have ten close guy friends. They all got married. Of
these, nine were eventually divorced. And all the divorces were filed
by their wives. This seems to have everything to do with the way the
legal system is set up. American women actually profit from divorce.
I am an extremely intelligent person. Not to toot my own horn, but I
have an advanced degree in physics from M.I.T., so that qualifies me
to claim so. Maybe that is why I chose never to get married when I
was young. Things were bad enough back in the late 80's and early
90's, but they are much worse now, so I do not see any reason to get
married, ever. And the reproduction rate of very bright people has
fallen through the basement as a result of this perception (which is
based on reality.) The situation the United States is in is that it has
created a situation in which only an idiot would get married, much
less conceive a child. And that is precisely what is happening, no
surprise there. Four of my friends have been put in jail because they
couldn't pay child support, because of the economy.

Honestly, I can provide for myself, so why should I take on all the
financial risk and incur the emotional devastation of a likely nasty
divorce, and become enslaved dishing out alimony to an
unappreciative leech ex-wife? Why? These guys are all miserable!
I don't really see any motive for taking on marriage, I am quite
happy on my own and I enjoy the freedom I have. I don't have
anyone telling me when I can go out with my friends and so on. All
of my friends went through relentless nagging and sometimes would
tell me they felt like they were in prison. I'll take their word for it
and I will avoid getting married like the plague, just as I decided
years ago. There is nothing in it for me.
From what I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears, it does not
appear that women know anything about giving a man emotional
support or offering anything real to a relationship. It seems like
women carry their vaginas on a magic wand that they can wave and
make all problems go away. I just see women who think it is a man's
responsibility to cater to their every whim and hand over their
paycheck. It appears like a prostitution arragement. You just can't
actually call them a whore. But then why does the guy not get to be a
pimp then? Maybe that's the solution. When a wife acts like a whore,
then the man should start acting like a pimp. Now that would
confuse her real nice.
I would gladly share my paycheck with a woman I love, but how can
you love a woman that treats you like an ATM machine? Its like,
what have you done for me lately? And I'm not even talking about
sex. As men, it seems we get nothing but insults, we are degraded all
the time, and we have no rights of our own. There have been times
when friends have had couple fights in front of me, and the whole
time I'm thinking, "Masturbation is not so bad afterall."

We now live in an era where women have made themselves so
emotionally unattractive to men that men must now swallow
powerful physiological mind-altering medications in order perform
sexually. But women must realize this - it is just a performance. It is
just an act. Most men fantasize about other women most of the time.

But when a man loves a woman, only extremely rarely does he need
such medication. Erectile dysfunction has not been a problem for a
billion years. Only until the emergence of the disease of feminism
has such potent medication been needed. It became necessary in
order to satisfy a female population accustomed to masturbating
themselves in their "I don't need a man phase" with high-powered
utilities run on transformers, and for other reasons such as
unclassiness, brutishness, rudeness, lack of elegence,
unappreciativeness and the profound selfishness that typically
accompany feminist leanings.
So, marriage has been ruined. And so has fatherhood been ruined
along with it. Perception of men is either as predators or incompetent
buffoons. What I don't get is why would all these feminist women
want to have sons in a world like this? I don't get it. Do they want
their own sons to suffer the way men are suffering now?
Look at how violent young people have become. Some
neighborhoods in the US are like virtual war zones. Why is this? I
will tell you why. Lack of fathers. Mothers are generally
incompetent when it comes to administering discipline. And these
kids are justifiably pissed. They were deprived of fathers. These
feminists couldn't bring themselves to supply that.

But there is no surprise there, no self-respecting man would subject
themselves to a raging bitch just to get a little. Intelligent men are
not ruled from below the belt, thus are impervious to the unclever
simple manipulations of the jazzed-up bitchfest that is feminism.
My experiences with women have been both positive and negative.
But it certainly is not mandatory to crawl to the alter after a positive
experience. That is like throwing a bucket of house paint on a
painting, vandalism. When she calls me after an excellent night of
wild sex, I usually tell her how unbelievably fantastic it was, and
that I never want to see her again. This confuseth her circuits for a
time, if not permanently cause them to short out. Unfortunately, it
seems to work everytime. And thus, I have managed to keep my life
unmarred. I feel sorry for those that made life's biggest error.
It truly is a shame that in the world we live in today, that American
men are not blessed with a good home life and loving wives, but
rather capitalized upon by predatory women. I have chosen a path of
not being one of their victims and have grown comfortable with who
I am on my own, without need of approval of anyone else on the
planet. I am me, I do not need anyone. But I still wish she was out
there. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Oh well.