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Learn to Speak, Read and Understand Conversational Spanish in a Flash with Rocket Spanish!
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Even though my father was Costa Rican and I was born there, I was brought to the USA when I
was 1 year old and grew up with my mother's family in Virginia, USA. So of course I am a product
of the U.S. educational system. Three university degrees and I only spoke one language.

Any high school graduate in Europe would speak at least two languages, probably four. But it's
easier for them. You travel a hundred or two miles there and the people around you will likely be
speaking another language. In the U.S. and Canada you can go 3,000+ miles and never need
more than English (unless you go to Miami!)

So I was internationally impaired but happy as a clam in my ignorance.

Then when I was 31 the company I worked for sent me on a sales mission to South America, and I
passed by Costa Rica and Argentina to meet some of my relatives on my father's side. Talk about
culture shock! Suddenly everyone around me was speaking in Spanish and I needed desperately
to catch up, NOW!

A little research taught me that the absolute Best way to learn Spanish was to attend the
Missionary School in San José, Costa Rica. Costs about $700 for a 4 month trimester and
it's full time. They can take someone who doesn't speak a word of Spanish (like me!) and in a
year have him able to read, write and preach the Gospel in Spanish, and be eloquent and
convincing! Wow! The school is only for aspiring missionaries, but if they have any classes not full,
they will take anyone for the tuition plus $100. I know people who have gone through one
trimester there and they could speak Spanish pretty well afterward!

But I didn't have four months to spare. And Rocket Spanish was not yet available at that time. So
I had to cobble together my own system of learning. The process itself was educational.

I tried taking classroom courses. They helped, but I was traveling a lot and never could seem to
get continuity in what I was learning.

I tried books. Learned a lot from books (I'm a visual learner) but that meant that I could read
Spanish, even write a bit, but I couldn't talk so anyone could understand me. And when I heard
people talking in earnest, they went so fast I couldn't understand. "Disculpeme por favor
Señor, pero usted está hablando 20% mas rápido que yo puedo oír!"
('Scuse me Sir, but you're talking 20% faster than I can hear!)

Frequently spending time in Spanish-speaking areas, I tried learning from people around me.
Found out later that I had picked up some bad habits and accents! Also it seemed that people

were too polite to correct me and let me continue with bad grammar, etc. Oh where was Rocket
Spanish when I needed it!?

Without the guidance that Rocket Spanish could have provided, it took me 12 years of off-and-on
learning before I finally passed a Spanish competence exam!

So what did I learn from that process?

1. It's like learning to swim; you've got to immerse yourself in the water until it buoys you up! Take
the time to get intense about it for a while, then visit where Spanish is spoken and you use it all the
time. Note your weaknesses and study again.

2. Traditional methods work, but they are very slow, and boring. You need innovative Adult-
education methods like those used by Rocket Spanish.

3. You need to learn another language the same way you learned English - spoken first, then
written. Work on understanding and making yourself understood first. Sort out the deeper niceties
of grammar later.

4. Don't let yourself just think in English and translate. You have to get into Spanish to the point
where you begin to think in the language. Good programs like Rocket Spanish will help you do

5. Practice. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

6. Review and work at it. Stay with it, and progress, clarity and fluency will come.

7. Use it. Involve yourself in activities in which you MUST use Spanish to do something, on a
regular basis. Teach something you know, get into debates, watch the news, and do it in Spanish!

Today, the ideal way to learn is to get a good adult-education program that has audio visual and
interactive game aspects. The best out there is Rocket Spanish, especially for the money. You
can pay 2 or 3 times as much but you won't get more than 5-10% more depth, if that.

The advantage is that with Rocket Spanish you can control the hours and the intensity. You can fit
it around your work schedule, go fast or slow, review or skip ahead. With Rocket Spanish you
choose the pace and the next lesson, according to your needs. Also, Rocket Spanish will make it
fun, interesting and exciting. Makes it much easier to stick with your learning program.

With Rocket Spanish you will achieve full competency in months, not years like it took me! ;-)

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Jorge Chavez has been an internet entrepreneur and marketer since 2002. He began to learn
Spanish after he was 30, now is bilingual English-Spanish. He has monolingual friends, relatives

and clients who only speak Spanish and others who only speak English. Read his articles at

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Learn to Speak, Read and Understand Conversational Spanish in a Flash with Rocket Spanish!
Check This Link Now

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