What Is So Special About Velvet Shed Of Deer Antlers

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What Is So Special About Velvet Shed Of Deer
Centuries ago, samurai warriors ate deer antlers for good health. The antlers gave them energy and
vitality that they need to go into battle. Just recently, scientists performed studies on deer antler health
benefits. They have found that deer antlers are mainly made of testosterone that men need for continued
muscle growth and stamina. When this supplement was introduced in the United States, athletes loaded
themselves up with these and are greatly benefiting from their health giving nutrients. This has been
proven to be effective in the relief of tired and aching muscles. Deer antlers also helped fight cancers
because of their anti inflammatory benefits. These information have been gathered according to the
tests that have been done by far, But with further studies, it is certain that much more health-giving
wonders will be revealed.

The Chinese have also been using deer antlers for centuries. The Chinese people would use deer antlers
along with ginseng to treat many types of illnesses. At puberty, the male body would produce
testosterone and at 29 years old, testosterone production will stop. Testosterone is essential for muscle
growth and development as it is a male growth hormone. When testosterone production is stopped,
aging will start to happen. Thus, when you feed on velvet antler shedding that are packed with
testosterone, you are loading up your body with all the essential elements that your body needs to work
in its optimum level. Even if you are in your fifties or sixties, you will feel as though you are twenty
years old. Since deer antlers are all natural, they are a big hit to many athletes. One of the helpful
muscle pain relief products that are available is deer antler spray how to use. The antler growth
hormone in the spray helps rejuvenate tired muscles.
By 2 to 3 months, the antlers will be completely grown. The antler usually starts to grow in the spring.

Then when the winter comes, the antlers would usually shed off to prevent them from becoming
aggressive. The antlers are removed by owners even if it will not be used for medicinal purposes. This
is to keep all of the male deer from hurting each other. It is crucial for you to ask how the antlers were
harvested upon your purchase. Toxins get left behind when farmers use chemical anesthetics to remove
the antlers. Human consumption is not advisable when there are toxins left behind. It is safer to harvest
the antlers using electrodes to numb the pain.