What Is The Best Diet Plan For Patients Suffering From Type 2 Diabetes

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* Since blood sugar is determined by the foods that
we eat, keeping it under control can also be done
with the help of a healthy diet.
* In fact, the diet alone is enough to normalize
sugar metabolism for lots of type 2 diabetes

* The main source of sugar in the body is food rich
in carbohydrates.
* These can be of two main types: simple and

* Carbohydrates are an important category of food
along with fats and proteins, so they can't be
eliminated from the diet.
* They provide the body with energy for all process
and activities. Carbohydrates are necessary, but
they also cause elevated blood sugar levels.

* Under such circumstances, a diet plan for
patients suffering from type 2 diabetes should
include complex carbohydrates which won't boost
blood sugar rapidly.

* Complex carbohydrates can be found in whole
grains, whole wheat, some starchy vegetables,
brown or wild, rice, whole wheat bread and whole
wheat pasta.

* A nutritionist can give exact indication on how
many carbohydrates a diet plan for diabetic people
should include.
* Simple carbohydrates are found in sugars,
fructose, glucose, refined sugar, white bread, white
rice or any other highly processed grains or cereals.

* A healthy diet plan for diabetics should also be
rich in protein.
* This is also very important for the body and it has
to come from lean sources.

* Diabetes patients should be careful with the
protein from dairy products, because these are also
very rich in carbohydrates, so their intake should
be limited.
* Just like in the case of any other person, a healthy
diet plan is not complete without fats.

* They are essential for the wellbeing of the human
body, but some of them are very dangerous.
* Saturated fats for instance harm the body and put
it at risk for all sorts of medical conditions.