What Is The Mean

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What Is The Mean
What Is The Mean
In mathematics the meaning of mean is same as the meaning of average or in other words
meanings of mean is adding all the values and then divide these values by the total number of
values are cal ed mean.
Mean is the term which we use in statistic in place of average and there are various types of
averages in statistic but the most commons are mean, median and mode.
Now we elaborate What is the Mean in mathematics
The meaning of mean in mathematics or we can say in statistic is same as the meaning of
normal average that we take means in average we are adding all the numbers or value of al
quantities and then divide this by the total number of quantities and in mean we do the same
procedure as we doing while finding the average.
Formula of mean is
Mean = add al the numbers or quantities/ total number of quantities
Now to understand the meaning of mean more clearly we are taking some examples.
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1. Suppose that we have some numbers 23, 12, 2, 43, 56, 13, 76 and 32 now we have to find
the mean of these numbers.
Then first we have to add al the numbers
So, 23 + 12 + 2 + 43 + 56 + 13 + 76 + 32 = 257
Now we seeing that how many numbers of element are present, so there are 8 elements are
present now we have to apply the formula of mean.
Then, mean = 257/ 8
So, mean = 32.125
This is the final result and this way we are going to find the mean in mathematic.
2. Let's take another example suppose that there are 10 students in a class and a list of marks
al students in maths subject are given below
Student A got 70 marks in maths
Student B got 65 marks in maths
Student C got 76 marks in maths
Student D got 80 marks in maths
Student E got 87 marks in maths
Student F got 50 marks in maths
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Student G got 79 marks in maths
Student H got 90 marks in maths
Student I got 40 marks in maths
And student J got 60 marks in maths
Now find the mean of al the students
So there are 10 students in class
Now add the marks of al the student of maths subject
So, 70 + 65 + 76 + 80 + 87 + 50 + 79 + 90 + 40 + 60 = 697
Now we have to apply the formula of mean to find the result
Mean = adding al the marks of students in maths / total number of students
Mean = 697 / 10
Mean = 69.7
This is the final result.
Now we can say that the meaning of mean and average is same in mathematics and these
are two different names given to the same procedure. In normal we say average but in
statistic we say mean so average is also cal ed mean.

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