What Laptop Upgrades Can You Do?

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What Laptop Upgrades Can You Do?
Buying a laptop is a lot like buying a guitar. You have the option to upgrade it, but not to the
point you're changing the whole thing. For example, you can upgrade certain parts of the guitar
such as the electronics, but you can't upgrade the wood - the body of the guitar. If you do that,
you might as well buy a whole new guitar that's better!
The same line of thinking goes for laptops. There's only so much you can change before the
machine changes into a whole new thing. And before you know it, you've already spent so much
that you might as well have bought a new laptop, where every part is newer and faster.
But let's go back to our main question. What laptop upgrades can you do? Here is a list of
laptop replacement parts you can procure.
What can I upgrade?
What you can upgrade in your laptop entirely depends on your manufacturer. Some brands like
Apple don't allow any upgrades at all. That's because there's no back panel to swap out parts.
Most manufacturers though are more forgiving. Brands like Samsung and Alienware allow you
to put in upgrades. The catch though is that some of their upgradable laptops are very
How about the memory?
RAM is one of the easiest parts to upgrade in a laptop. You'l find them under a special back
panel that is very accessible.

Why is it easy? All you have to do is take out the back cover, remove the original RAM and
swap in a new one.
You'l have to take into account the maximum RAM your computer can handle so it will work
upon installation. What are the benefits? Basically, your computer won't slow down if you have
many applications open.
How about the processor?
The processor is one of the most expensive
upgrades you can do, but if you're up to it, then
go ahead. Processor speed is very important for
smoothness, but if the upgrade will only be a
slight one, then it's not worth it.
This is only advisable if you have an old laptop
that seriously needs a performance boost.
How about the video card?
Similar to the processor, upgrading the video card can be very expensive if you buy top of the
line models used for gaming laptops but the results are worth it.
But upgrading the video card is more practical because you can benefit from the increased
graphics rather than the increased speed.
How about the storage?
Just like the RAM, upgrading the storage is a very cheap and easy thing to do on your laptop.
You can increase the storage tenfold by purchasing a hard drive with huge space.
If you want to improve performance though, you can get a solid state drive. They offer faster
loading times, but the downside is less space, so take your pick.
These laptop replacement parts are the most commonly upgraded things in a laptop. Before you
consider doing any of these upgrades, check if what you're going to do is practical and well
within your financial capability.