What Makes College Worth It?

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What Makes College Worth It?
When the economy and job scenario looks bleak, you might be tempted to question the value of college.
You're not the only one. But while your fears are understandable, they aren't entirely justified. So why
should you spend yourhard-earned money on tuition and other college expenses at a time like this? Let's
take a look.
Not as expensive as you think
Money to pay for college tuition has always been a cause of concern for students.After all, you're
not justtalking about a few dollars; a typical college degree can set you back by at least $40,000 a
year, depending on the program you choose. But you have to think of college as more of a long-
term investment, rather than one that offers immediate returns. Your return on that investment largely
dependson the program you choose to pursue. If you consider the earning potential of the next decade or
twoin your career, the initial amount spent on tuition doesn't add up to a lot.
Fearing unemployment despite having a college degree
More than anything students these days fear unemploymentdespite having a college degree. To mitigate
this fear, students should pursue a degree in a field that is comparatively unaffected by the recession.
Healthcare and information technology are examples of fields that are not only currently hiring, but are
also projected to see an increase in employment opportunities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics. It is important to realize that a college education in an in-demand field is likely to increase your
employability and open doors to jobs that would have been inaccessible to you without a degree.
Learning how to make smart decisions about whatcollege to choose
It requires a little soul searching, but once you have an idea about where your passion and drive lies,
you'll be able to make a better decision about what to study. And once you've made that decision, don't
get caught up in the hype of the Ivy League. Research reputable colleges that canoffer you the same
programs for much less.
In fact, most such colleges will have a lot to offer their students in terms of career and educational
services. Take for instance CollegeAmerica. According to CollegeAmerica student reviews,the college
offers students the opportunity to complete their degree programs in less-than-traditional time, saving
students precious time and money. Other CollegeAmerica student review highlight their career
services, financial aid assistance programs, and much more.
There is no denying the fact thattimes are tough right now. But with some planning and research, it is still
a good time to apply to school and get the education that will be a long-term investment in your future.