What Makes Porsche a Porsche

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What Makes a Porsche a Porsche

You’re not going to let a few
unanswered questions keep you
from your dream car, are you?
The very first Porsche was created to satisfy one man’s
dream. To this day, it is a name that inhabits the dreams
of driving enthusiasts the world over. From its winning
racing heritage to its awe-inspiring performance on the
street, the Porsche, and its marque, are legendary.
By answering some of the most common questions we
hear from those new to our rich heritage, this booklet
serves as a brief overview of what it means to have the
name Porsche.

Heritage and Design
Where did the name “Porsche”
What does the name “Carrera”
Why is the ignition on the left?
come from? The vehicle and
mean? Quite fittingly, the 911
This trademark Porsche design
company were named for its
Carrera gets its namesake from a
feature is a vestige of our early
founder, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.
race. The Carrera Pan-Americana
racing days. Cal ed “The Le Mans
It’s also the reason that the brand
is a grueling road race across
Start”, back then, road races
is properly pronounced “Porsh-a”
Mexico’s Pan-American Highway.
began with drivers sprinting to
instead of the commonly
It was first run in the 1950s.
their cars, starting them up, and
mispronounced “Porsh.”
speeding away. By placing the
What is a Targa top? A Targa
ignition on the left side of the
What was the very first
top refers to the retractable glass
steering wheel, race drivers
Porsche made? The first vehicle
roof on our 911 Targa models. It
could gain an extra second or
to bear the Porsche name was the
is named after the Targa Florio, a
two by starting the vehicle with
Porsche 356, also known as
famous endurance road race held
their left hand and putting it in
Porsche Number 1, built in 1948.
in Sicily, Italy, from 1906–1977.
gear with their right hand.

How extensive is the Porsche
Why can’t you see the engine
join other Porsche enthusiasts for
racing history? Porsche has
in a Boxster or Cayman? The
PCA-sponsored ral ies, autocross
always been involved with racing.
Boxster engine is mid-mounted,
events, tours, driver education,
In fact, Porsche vehicles have
which means it is located behind
restoration and technical
captured over 28,000 major class the passenger compartment, but
sessions. Visit pca.org for details.
and overal victories, including
in front of the rear axle. This layout
those at world class competitive
gives the Boxster and the Cayman
What is the Porsche Sport
events such as the 24 Hours of
their trademark agility and superb
Driving School? At the PSDS, you
Le Mans and Daytona, the
handling characteristics. It’s also
learn how to drive a Porsche to its
mountain climb at Pike’s Peak,
the reason you’l find trunk space
full potential with instruction from
and Paris to Dakar.
in the front and rear of the Boxster
Porsche racing drivers. Courses at
Not only does Porsche participate and Cayman.
Barber Motorsports Park in
in racing, but it uses the track as
Alabama are designed to take you
a laboratory for al future
What is the PCA? Porsche is a
and a Porsche to new levels of
engineering. The result is a
brand that owners and enthusiasts
excel ence either on-track with all
degree of racing technology
get behind in a big way. One of the
of our models or off-road in the
found in almost no other line of
biggest examples is The Porsche
Cayenne. More information can be
street cars.
Club of America. It al ows you to
found on porschedriving.com.

Performance and Engineering
Why is power-to-weight ratio so
and brakes. A lower unsprung
horizontal y, rather than placed
important? Power-to-weight ratio is weight al ows the vehicle to
vertical y as in most vehicles. A flat-
expressed as power divided by the
respond more quickly and precisely six is also referred to as a boxer
vehicle’s weight. Porsche engineers
to changes in the road surface.
engine because the two rows of
take great care to design vehicles

pistons face away from each other,
with superior power-to-weight ratios, What is torque, and why is it
pumping back and forth like a
using light materials wherever
important? Torque is a physical
boxer’s fists. The main advantage of
possible. Some car companies
measurement of force. In generic
a flat-six is that it creates a low
blindly add accoutrements to their
terms, torque is what gets you up
center of gravity, making the vehicle
designs with little regard for the
to speed and horsepower is what
more balanced and capable of
weight it adds to the vehicle. This is
keeps you there. Al Porsche
aggressive cornering and handling
why a Porsche can out-accelerate
engines are designed to provide
that is so legendary to Porsche.
and outperform a vehicle that has
peak torque early and consistently
more horsepower but weighs more.
through the power band.
What is a Tiptronic S? A Tiptronic
S refers to the Porsche automatic
What are the benefits of
What is a “flat-six” or
Tiptronic transmission. It al ows the
lightweight wheels and brakes?
“horizontally opposed” engine?
driver to let the vehicle’s computer
Unsprung weight is the portion of a
This refers to the alignment of the
do the shifting or to select the
vehicle that is not supported by its
pistons in our 6-cylinder sports car
Tiptronic mode and shift manual y
suspension. This general y includes
engines. In this configuration, two
using the buttons located on the
the suspension itself, wheels, tires
rows of three pistons are laid
steering wheel.

What is VarioCam? VarioCam
function that al ows you to time
Why do Porsche brake
Plus is the Porsche patented
and record your performance.
calipers come in different
variable valve-timing system. It
colors? Porsche brake
continual y adjusts valve timing
Why does the spoiler extend
calipers come in four different
for increased power and torque,
and retract at certain
colors: black, red, titanium and
smooth running at al speeds,
speeds? At 75 mph the rear
yel ow. Black calipers are on all
better fuel economy and lower
spoiler on a Boxster, Cayman
base model vehicles. Red
and 911 extends to create down
calipers distinguish an “S”
force on the rear of the vehicle
model line sports car, titanium a
Could I take a Cayenne off-
to better hold the road. This is
Cayenne S. Yel ow calipers are
roading? Yes. Cayenne is just
not needed at low speeds, but
on the optional Porsche Ceramic
as impressive off the road as it
rather at higher speeds as lift
Composite Brakes.
is on the road. Its al -wheel drive begins to affect the vehicle.
and traction technologies were
Thus we created a spoiler with
What is a ceramic brake?
perfected from decades of
the ability to extend and retract.
Porsche Ceramic Composite
chal enging hil climbs and
Brakes (PCCB) are the
desert ral ies and racing around
What is the benefit of a dry
race-proven brake technology
the world.
sump? Dry sump lubrication is a now available on al Cayman and
race-proven technology that
911 and on the Boxster S. They
What is Sport Chrono? The
ensures a reliable supply of oil
are made from a carbon fiber/
Sport Chrono Package / Sport
while keeping engine operating
ceramic compound that results
Chrono Package Plus is available temperatures lower. This al ows
in a harder disc that is more
on the Boxster, Cayman and
Porsche engines to have greater
resistant to high temperatures
911. Pressing the Sport button
efficiency and optimizes the
and reduces the weight by 50%
on the center console of the
advantages of our lighter, al -
compared to conventional
vehicle gives you increased
al oy engines. It also helps
cast-iron disks. PCCBs meet the
throttle response and sportier
ensure engine safety during high demands of high-performance
handling characteristics.
cornering, acceleration or
Additional y, it has a stopwatch
deceleration loads.

What is the difference between
a 911 Carrera and a 911 Carrera
4? A 911 Carrera 4 is equipped with
Porsche al -wheel drive and comes
with a wider body. The al -wheel
drive helps the Carrera 4 harness all
of the power to the ground and
helps pul it through turns.
What does the “S” stand for?
The “S” in a Porsche model’s name
refers to “Sport”. The Cayenne S,
Boxster S, Cayman S, or 911
Carrera S offer drivers a sportier
version of the base model. The S
model offers greater horsepower
and engine displacement and overall
higher performance relative to the
base model.
What is the difference between
a 911 and a 997? There is no
difference. 997 refers to our
internal designation code for the
various versions of models. For
example, we stopped making the
911 Carrera type 996 in 2004. We
began making 911 Carrera type 997
in 2005. The newest Boxster is type
987. The previous Boxster model
was type 986.

What is the Porsche philosophy
What is PSM? PSM or Porsche
911 Turbo are even equipped with
on vehicle safety? You might not
Stability Management is a safety
al -wheel drive. The Porsche Travel
expect that some of the safest
feature that monitors the vehicle’s
Club offers a special winter training
vehicles on the road would also
speed, direction and lateral
course cal ed Camp4, held every
be race vehicles. At Porsche, safety acceleration. If your Porsche
year at the Arctic Driving Centers in
is a natural result of high
begins to oversteer or understeer
Finland and Colorado.
performance. We pride ourselves
excessively, PSM applies selective
in building some of the safest
braking to bring the vehicle back
Why are there holes in the
vehicles, both on the track and on
in line.
brake rotors? At Porsche we cross
the road. Active and passive safety
dril the rotors on our sports cars to
systems are engineered into every
What is PASM? The Porsche
help control their temperature. The
Porsche model.
Active Suspension Management
cross-dril ed holes dissipate water
enhances the vehicle’s agility and
vapor, maximizing contact between
What do Active and Passive
adjusts the damping force at all
the brake caliper and the rotor.
safety mean? Active safety refers
four corners of the vehicle to suit
They also help the brakes cool
to a Porsche automobile’s capacity
your driving style and changing
faster than a solid rotor. Cooler
to help you avoid troublesome
road conditions. It lets the driver
brakes stop in a shorter distance
situations on the road using the
choose between distinct driving
than hot brakes.
vehicle’s superior power, braking
personalities: Normal and Sport
and responsiveness. Passive safety
mode, with an additional comfort
systems like Porsche Side Impact
mode in a Cayenne.
Protection (POSIP) and dual front
airbags can help protect you if a
Can you drive a Porsche in the
col ision becomes inevitable.
winter? Yes. With the appropriate
Porsche was one of the first
tires, al Porsche automobiles are
automotive manufacturers to
designed to be enjoyed year-round
standardize airbags across all
and perform in al conditions,
model lines. Also, ful -size advanced including snow. In fact, our Cayenne
airbags are standard.
and 911 Carrera 4 models and the

Comfort and Security
How frequent are the service
Does Porsche make an
tailoring options are distinctive
intervals? One common
automatic? Yes. Most Porsche
and unique finishes or features
misconception is that maintaining models are available with
custom-instal ed at the factory.
a Porsche is very expensive. In
Tiptronic S transmissions. This
For example, interior items can
fact, the longer intervals between means you can al ow the
be matched to the vehicle’s
recommended maintenance help
computer to shift for you as
exterior paint. Every Porsche
to decrease the overal operating
with traditional automatic
dealer offers additional
cost of the vehicle.
transmissions. Or you can select
Tequipment parts and
the Tiptronic mode and shift
accessories to be instal ed on
What is European Delivery?
using the buttons on the steering
your Porsche.
Imagine traveling to Germany and wheel.
visiting the Zuffenhausen or
Is there any storage or
Leipzig factory where your new
Can you personalize a
luggage room? You would be
Porsche was meticulously built.
Porsche? Yes. Besides the
surprised at how much there
Now imagine getting the keys to
regular options there are various
actual y is. The Cayman can
it with a chance to tour Europe in
exclusive options that provide a
easily carry multiple overnight
your factory-fresh Porsche. Ask
broader range of personalization
bags and two golf bags. The
your dealer for details.
choices. Beyond that, custom
Carrera offers a front trunk and a
back seat area that can be
utilized for bags or other items
you wish to carry. The Boxster
has a front and rear trunk and
various storage nooks
throughout the interior. The
Cayenne is the real mover in the
family with over 62.5 cu. ft. of
storage room with the rear seats

Does a Porsche have
Does Porsche offer roadside
Does Porsche offer financing?
anti-theft protection?
assistance? Porsche offers
Yes. Porsche Financial Services
All Porsche models have an
complimentary 24-hour roadside
offers retail financing as wel as
intelligent alarm system with
assistance 365 days a year,
flexible, attractive terms and
radar-based anti-theft and
anywhere in North America, for
lease rates on new and Certified
break-in monitoring. An alarm
the duration of your New Car
Pre-Owned Porsche models.
system is enabled whenever
Limited Warranty or Porsche
the doors are locked using the
Pre-Owned Warranty.
Do Porsche dealers sell
remote. And an electronic
Certified Pre-Owned
immobilizer automatically
How does a Porsche hold its
vehicles? Yes. Every Porsche
engages whenever the key is
value? While this varies by model,
dealership sel s Porsche
removed from the ignition.
model year and the condition of
Approved Certified Pre-Owned
the vehicle, a Porsche holds its
vehicles. Each vehicle receives
What is the Porsche warranty
resale value better than nearly any
a meticulous 100+ point
program? Porsche offers a
other car on the road. In fact
mechanical and cosmetic
4-year or 50,000 mile warranty
Cayenne was named to Kel ey Blue
inspection, and comes with
on al vehicles. This includes
Book’s Top 10 for Best Resale
the confidence of 24-hour
free towing for warranty
Value in 2005. Throughout our
roadside assistance and up
breakdowns to the nearest
history, many models achieved
to 2 years/100,000 mile
authorized Porsche dealer.
col ector’s status quickly.
limited warranty.