What's new in social media this 2015

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What's new in social media this 2015?
It's no surprise that social media is a dynamic place and what's hot today could not be counted to work
as effectively after 2 years. So as experts are predicting major changes in the social media marketing
scene for 2015, we went ahead and created our own summarized version on stuff that they agreed will
Don't just focus on getting a huge following.
Businesses online are totally used to the idea that building a massive audience on every social media
platform is the primary factor in keeping an online presence that works. After all, sharing organic posts
to a huge audience is the logical way to reach your target market right?
Well, not really. Feeds of social media platforms get crowded as more and more brands jump in so
competing for users' attention is very difficult. Add to that the recent changes in social site's algorithms
which decide what content users will get to see and it gets more difficult for you.
I think it's fair to say that your online success depends largely on your ability to create engaging content
and spread it quickly (then keep it alive as much as possible). Considering that, maybe try your hand on
ads being offered by the top social platforms and decide if you'd want to do that alongside your organic
Creative content is still king.
It's been said time and again that boring content and in-your-face promotional posts do not work --
that's still true today. This is something that's probably not going to change because user interaction
largely depends on how interesting your posts are. Also, you'll drop from a feed if the social media
platform decides your content is crappy so there's the added pressure to maintain quality.
Carefully take into consideration the type of content that goes well with a particular platform you're
using. It's always best to make content which fits a social media site's strength. For example, using
YouTube would certainly mean you'll have to maximize the use of the video platform and not just re-use
content from your more traditional ad outlets like magazines.
Get someone who really knows what he's doing.
Search for the top content providers from Twitter or YouTube and you'll understand why they have such
a huge following. An easy way to do a campaign is to partner with them in creating content and leverage
the number of their audience while you're at it.
The ever-changing social media scene won't run out of people who cry out 'FB is dead' and 'this or that is
the next big thing'. Their arguments would sound legit but blindly following such sensationalists would
endanger you. For all you know, it's just some bunch of inexperienced people posing as experts in the
field who pronounced such a prediction. It's good to be an early adopter but it's better to maximize your
social media campaign on what platform is popular today and then make the switch when it starts to

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