What’s Stopping You?

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What's Stopping You
A question we should all ask ourselves! What's Stopping You?
The video was uploaded yesterday, my post saved to draft ready to get out to you today. Well
today has not been quite what I expected with my stuffing knocked right out of me by a
I could sit here (well I did for a moment until I could stop shaking) in a pity party or I could
move forward, my eyes on my goal to do what I do by helping people achieve results in their
business. In previous times, I would raid the fridge and comfort eat, not get anything done
and generally let myself feel like crap for the day. Not now; what help was that really?
We have the choice, 50/50
Do you look to the positive or the negative?
How do you react when a challenge surfaces?
If it is not for the best, how can you change your mind set to look at
it in a different way? To take a challenge and make it an
When we are not feeling ourselves, are down or negative, even the smallest challenge can
seem insurmountable. When we are positive and have the belief we can achieve our goals,
the same small challenge can be met and overcome with ease; larger challenges call be
tackled and looked at with a view to what can I learn from this situation.
What we think about we bring about.
I'm certainly not saying every challenge can be overcome, and that every outcome will be
favourable. This isn't a don't worry be happy post. What I do want to share with you is that
our mind is the key!
So, what is stopping you?
Share your journey with me below. Hope to hear from you. you may inspire someone else as
well or let them know they are not alone!
To Your Success