What's The Best Chef School?

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Wondering What's the Best Chef School Out There?
Are you in search of the best chef school? Looking for a culinary education that won't cost you a fortune
and won't exhaust years' worth of your time? If you're got a serious desire to learn and a real passion
for food, then the intense program at Culinary Connection just might be what you need. This school gets
you in the kitchen with a master chef as your personal mentor. For the six months of your program, you
will learn guided by a chef and his or her supporting sous chefs in a direct, one-on-one manner. This is
hands-on, real world, experience-oriented training that can get you more for just a fraction of what you
would pay at International Culinary Arts Academy, Le Cordon Bleu or The Arts Institute.
See, when executive chefs are looking to hire someone, they are looking for experience, not a degree!
When you finish this six month course you wil have experience in a real kitchen and you will know how
a professional kitchen is run and you will
be ready to work within this environment
with a certain degree of ease and
Through direct mentorship and hands-on
experience, Culinary Connection is able to
provide a much more in-depth, holistic
educational experience that better prepares its students for the actual work of cooking in a professional
environment. As the only student, there's no question of you getting the ful attention you need to
succeed and to learn. Of course, this style of learning does not work for everyone. To make it work for
you, you must be strong, self-motivated and not afraid of hearing it straight. Many chefs can be terribly
blunt and stress is definitely one staple ingredient in the profession. But if you're not afraid of getting in
and getting what it takes, this is the best chef school out there.
Instead of paying $30,000 to over $100,000 your real-world education, backed by a structured
curriculum and including reading materials, online tutorials and even your own professional knife set
and chef's uniform will cost you $10,500. That's right, $10,500. The food world is almost like Hollywood
in that a big part of getting ahead depends on who you know. Connections are what you want. No one
graduates from Le Cordon Bleu and walks into a restaurant and is given the job of head chef. That's just
not the way it works. In this field you earn your advancement through hard work, determination, talent
and presence or personality. Nothing gets the ball rolling better than getting in and starting right where
you need to be to meet the most right people who can help get you connected to more and more
opportunities and to work.
So, if being a chef is your dream and you want to hop on a direct, no-nonsense path to your career,
Culinary Connection is a school you need to learn more about. To find out more about the best chef
school there is, visit www.culinaryconnection.com