What should you know about black teas benefits?

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What should you know about black teas benefits?
by Budwhite Tea Drink your way to health
Tea - A treat
Do you want Real
Whatever be the problem, be it a bossing manager or striking
and Unique Visitors?
headache, a cup of tea can make you fresh in minutes. This is
We will Give REAL
and UNIQUE visitors
not a fact, but the faith of many people across the world,
from all around the
especially those people in the Asian continent and in the Indian
sub continent. This is because tea enhances blood circulation,
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takes blood to the brain and supplies fresh oxygen to it. This will make you get
relieved from any kind of stress. It is also found that tea enhances the secretion of
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the happy hormone, oxytocin.
video that will
explain. Its very
simple. GET
Origin of tea
Where does tea come from? Every variety of tea is extracted from a plant
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scientifically named as Camellia sinensis. The flavor and taste of tea depend on
the processing methods. The plant is rich is polyphenols which is a compound that
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video that will
acts as an antioxidant. There are three main varieties of tea, the black tea, white
explain. Its very
tea and the green tea. Black tea production involves a different method from that of the production of the white and
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green tea. A process known as fermentation is followed in the production of black tea. Hence, it is a little time
consuming and complicated than the others. Black teas benefits a person in many ways.
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Though a few researchers argue that green tea is healthier than the black tea, black tea is believed to have its own
health benefits. Our body contains elements called free radicals. These free radicals feed on and kill self cells which
will lead to destruction of body cells. The black teas benefits are enormous ways as it contains ransom amount of
antioxidants in it. These antioxidants enter the blood and neutralize the free radicals. Thus, it greatly helps in
cutting down the self destruction of body cells.
Other importance of black tea
Darjeeling black tea and black needle tea are consumed by a lot of people worldwide. Both black tea and green tea
have been equally tested in the laboratories for their different medicinal properties. A group of researchers have
found that both these tea varieties have the ability to lower the growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells are actually
abnormal growth of body cells and they spread rapidly. It is also found that black tea can fight against bad breath
and relieve you from the greatest discomfort. The skin tone gets improved when tea is regularly consumed. The
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first element that is introduced into the diet plan of people who need to shed their few extra pounds is black tea. It
boosts your metabolism and reduces unwanted cholesterol. It is also believed to act upon the bad cholesterol that is
already in your lumen. Darjeeling black tea is the tastiest and the healthiest of all varieties.
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