What Size of a Bachelor Thesis and Few Other Useful Advice

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What Size of A Bachelor Thesis And Few Other Useful
Pieces Of Advice
Writing a Bachelor thesis can be quite intimidating, especially if you're only at
the beginning and don't even have a clue where to begin. For example, if you're
writing an immigration thesis, you can easily get overwhelmed by an endless
stream of ideas, not knowing which one to choose, or you may be left
completely in the dark.
Fortunately, both of these cases have a simple solution!
1. Your Bachelor thesis should touch upon a subject that you like
Writing a Bachelor thesis shouldn't be viewed as a hurdle, but as an opportunity
to both broaden your horizons, as well as explore something that is close to your
field of interests. You may find there are more than one areas of immigration
you'd like to study, and a Bachelor thesis is the perfect opportunity for you to
combine them and come up with something you can be proud of!
2. Before beginning to work on your Bachelor thesis, you should do your
Remember, once you've decided to go with a certain topic, it's not that easy to
change it, so you should always take your time before making the final choice.
But if you still don't have an idea what you're going to be working on, here is a
nice comprehensive list of immigration research topics that should be of some
help to you. In case you're writing a Bachelor thesis on some other topic, the
same principle applies; just fire up a search engine of your choice, and plenty of
interesting ideas should pop up, no matter what you've picked!
3. What size of a Bachelor thesis should you have?
This is one of the most common questions the students are asking. In most of
the cases, a University will issue a comprehensive list of requirements you're
obliged to stick to. In other cases, they may simply provide some loose
guidelines to help you on your way. If, for whatever reason, you haven't
received any of that, our research shows that most universities have a fixed
minimum size of a Bachelor thesis that should be at least 12,000 words.