What To Look For In A Credit Repair Company

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What To Look For In A Credit Repair Company
When you are checking out a credit repair company to use to help you improve your
credit, there are a few key things you will want to look for in order to determine if
they are legitimate, or one of the several fraudulent companies illegally operating.
One of the first checks should be with the whois database. This is the reverse search
method to see who owns a domain name. By simply typing whois into a google
search you will find several websites that can perform the search instantly free of
charge. It will show the individual or company that owns the domain, and their
contact information. If it was registered private then it will not show any
information regarding who the owner is. Logic would tell you that if the company is
legitimate then their website information would be public information and it would
be registered to the company, with a physical business address. You will notice the
majority of credit repair websites are registered private and that should instantly
raise a red flag. What are they hiding? Why are they withholding the domain
registration information? If you come across a site that is private, simply save
yourself the time and hassle and look for a transparent and reputable company.
Simply put, a company that is operating legally will not hide their domain contact
information. Secondly, check their site for contact information. If there is none listed
then there is your second red flag. There are far too many companies that pop up
overnight and are not compliant with the laws. Do not waste your time and money
with such groups, as the chance of them being around for a while are slim to none.
The third quick check you can perform is some simple phone number investigation.
Look for a phone number on the website and then go to yp.com (the official yellow
pages website) and search the number. If it does not turn up a legitimate business,
then there is your third red flag that the company is not legit. Why wouldn't a real
company want to be listed in the yellow pages directory? It is free advertising, so the
only reason a phone number would not be listed is because the business is not real
and could not be verified. Also, if the number turns out to be a cell phone then that is
another clue that it is not a real business. How many businesses do you know that
have a cell phone for their office line? Exactly, as no legit credit repair company
operates from cell phones.
These are just some very fast checks that can be performed in a matter of minutes to
quickly determine if the company is the real deal. These three simple checks and
balances will easily eliminate any questionable and potentially illegal and non-
compliant companies. This will ultimately save you time and money, but more
importantly ensure that only a reputable credit repair company handles your file.
Credit repair involves your sensitive personal information, and you do not want to
allow just anyone to handle that. By looking into improving your credit scores, you
have already taken the first step to an improved financial future. The next step is to
sign up with Credit Restore USA's credit repair service that is both affordable and
delivers effective results. You will be in good hands and the end result will be
reached; and that is an improved credit score.