What to Look For In A Web Designing Firm

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What to Look For In A Web Designing Firm
If you are planning to design a website, the first thing you might be looking for is a professional web
designer. Internet has made the work of searching a web designer quite easy and comfortable but on the
other hand it has brought much confusion too. For instance we are hooked between many designing
providing website and sometime convinced by fleshy design and cheap services, choose a website that
is worthless working for.
This may force us to change a designer in the mid of project, as we find our work going worse to worst.
UK web design suggest you some tips you should take under consideration before switching from one
designer to another. As a web owner you need to have some information about servers, content before
changing the designers. This information is very important for the new web designers as it will help
them to work properly on the project.
Details of Web servers
You should have the information about where your site is located and who actually host it. The
information should be
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* About the name of the company and its contact info
* Name and information of DNS provider
* Domain contact and some technical aspect that need to be altered
* Username and password which will allow you to access your website
* FTP address and URL of the control center
* Some time designer go for making password protected folder
* Database detail and analytics site in-case it is different from the host
Content Of Website
It is very important for you to know, in-fact you should go for a back copy of the content used on your
website. The copy should include the detail of HTML coding, CSS, CGIs, Scripts, database and flash.
This is just for precaution in-case worst happens you can go for a better deal. For image, movie or
video and flash you need to have back up of
* Full size original image, however it is hard to get because none of the designer provides it until and
unless it is in contract
* You should also ask for the backup copies of the web files
* In-case of flash you need to have every detail of .FLA files and backup copies of SWF web ready files
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According London web designers and developers this is the final information that you should negotiate

for. It is very important and your new designer team will surely ask for it. You can't ignore code for
* JavaScript
* PHP, ColdFusion
* Any standard software if used
* CSS or any other language used
When you have these document and detail you can actually move to other designer and be confident
about the service you will get.