What Traits Do The Best Procurement Professionals Have?

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What Traits Do The Best
Procurement Professionals Have?
As the role of PROCUREMENT continues to increase in
scope and importance across organizations, more
people are looking at exactly what makes great
procurement professionals. While there was a time
when procurement was an afterthought for many
organizations, its increased role means organizations
are looking for talented individuals who can deliver the
results needed to thrive. Because countless
organizations simply don’t know what they should look
for in a procurement professional, we want to provide
some clarity by highlighting the five traits that matter
1. Good with People
A common stereotype about procurement is it all
revolves around numbers. Although numbers definitely
play an important role in procurement, the
professionals in this department interact with other
people throughout the organization each and every
day. Given that many of those interactions can involve
negotiations or other important discussions, a
professional has to have strong people skills to thrive
in this environment.