What you know about Optical Disk Drives ?

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What you know about Optical Disk Drives ?
There was a time not so long ago that the only disk drives you had on a computer was the infamous 3
1/2 inch floppy drive. The monstrosities have been out dated several times by different drives including
zip devices and now optical disk drives. The older floppy drives, as they were called, used a magnetic
head to read the information that was saved on the floppy disk. This was more in line with cassette
recorders and made it possible to record and save info on the processing side rather than having an
additional tape drive.
There have been a few significant changes Since the introduction of the optical drive, saving information
from your computer. The floppy disk was only able to hold so much data and you usually had to have
several disks in order to contain all the information you wanted to save. Optical disk devices let you use
CD or DVD disks and enable you to save much more details in a small space. With DVD disks being
upwards in the Gigabyte range and CDs being around 700 Megabytes, you can see how optical drives
can save save even more desk space.
The optical disk drives use either a laser or electromagnetic head that reads waves near the light
spectrum. This not only allows you to save more details in a smaller space but it also lets the drive read
and write at a faster speed than the older magnetic drives. With the capability to read and write faster,
you find your self being more constructive. Whatever it is you are doing.
These days, however, all of the computers and laptops have an optical drive and very few of them ever
use floppy disks anymore. In fact, it might be rather hard to even find a computer these days that has
the ability to read a floppy disk. Since the advent of DVD drives, you might soon find that it will be hard
to even be able to put a regular CD in your computer and make it work before too long. Although, you
might be astonished at what the future holds when it comes to holographic drives!