What You Need To Know About 3D TVs

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What You Need To Know About 3D TVs
The newest craze in the electronics world is 3D TVs. These televisions are
the next generation in LCD TVs. You need to use active glasses to view
them, but the expectation is that in the future, you will be able to view 3D TV
without wearing or using any special equipment.
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The technology is still new and the quality varies from one movie to the next.
However, animated movies are the easiest to make into 3D because they do
not require any special cameras or systems. At this time, the 3D ready
televisions will not only air 3D but will also air all of the 2D programming of
traditional televisions as well.
People that love the 3D world in movie theaters will enjoy bringing the
experience into their living rooms. Throughout 2010 you can expect to see
the release of LCD TVs that are 3D Ready which can help you prepare for a
future where 3D entertainment will be a major part of everyday life, from
gaming consoles to HDTV and Blu-Ray.
If you want to watch 3D TV in your house, you will have to own one of the
3D Ready Televisions along with active shutter glasses that are designed to
work with a 3D television. When you purchase your television, make sure
and ask if the glasses will be included. Not all HDTV's that are 3D ready will
come with the glasses. There have been concerns expressed by those that
normally wear glasses, wondering how it will affect them.
3D technology will be available eventually in your choice of television
including the LED-LCD flat screen, and will have 1080p resolution available
when the program is being broadcast in 1080p. You will also be able to
choose a television as large as you want, up to 65 inches. These will all come
with a hefty price tag, but there is no doubt as their popularity catches on and
more people purchase them, like everything else, they will eventually come
down in price.

Some television manufacturers have been introducing 3D starter kits that
include a full HD Blu ray player and a movie, along with the active glasses
all with the purchase of certain 3D television models. Manufacturers are
doing this to try to capture the interest of the consumer at a price that may be
more affordable.
With the current economic climate, these 3D ready televisions are not taking
off nearly as well as were predicted. The good news is that most 3D
television sets are both 3D and Internet ready to handle not only your favorite
3D shows and movies but you can also connect to services such as Netflix
and more.
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3D TVs have made their exciting debut! Over the next decade you should
expect to see more televisions and more programming available in 3D. Prices
will likely drop and be affordable for more people and you will not even need
to wear active shutter glasses, making 3D viewing more pleasing for a larger
group of people.