What You Need To Know About African Dating

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What You Need To Know About African Dating

Interested in finding an African soulmate? Interested in African dating? Here's some information about
African dating sites, and how to avoid common dating site scams.
Afrointroductions and African Dating Sites
If you're looking for an African partner then you can either try one of the mainstream dating sites like
Match.com, eHarmony or Plenty of Fish. Alternatively why not try one of the African niche dating

There are a wide range of African dating sites. One of the largest is Afrointroductions. This site has
thousands of members from a wide range of African countries. There are also plenty of people who
have roots back in Africa, so it's also a good site if you're interested in African American dating, or
want to find a British born African partner for example. Afrointroductions is totally free to join - you
only need to pay once you decide you like somebody enough to contact them. The good thing about
Afrointroductions is that it has a wide range of search options to help you shortlist your dream partner.
It's also a good place to make friends, penpals and other contacts who have a shared interest in
Africa and African culture.

Alternatives to Afrointroductions include AfroRomance and Afrika Dating. They don't have so many
members as Afrointroductions and the search facilities are more basic.

If you want to find a partner from South Africa, then there's also South African Cupid. This site has a
wide range of members from different South African regions. The site is managed by the same
company as Afrointroductions, and the site has a near identical look and feel.

There are a few free African dating sites, but they are risky to use due to the number of scammers on
free dating websites. Subscription sites are generally safer as they can afford better anti-scam

Other alternatives to African dating are to see if there are any African themed speed dating events in
your locality. Larger cities can often have large African communities, so these can be good places to
find a soulmate. Online dating does offer a lot of choice, but often meeting somebody in real life is
easier, as you can gauge whether there's any chemistry between you both - something that's difficult
to do online.
A particular problem with African dating is the numerous African dating scammers. Countries in West
Africa, particularly Nigeria and Ghana are notorious for Internet based scams. Originally the scams
started off as the standard 419 fee scam. These emails started off by saying that you're entitled to a
big amount of money, but it turns out to get the big amount of money, you have to send a small to
medium sized sum of money. This is so called advanced fee fraud. If you send the advanced fee,

then you won't be surprised to find that you'll never see that money again. Often the scammer will ask
for more and more money, until your life savings are gone. You'd have thought that people would
have gotten used to these scams by now, but the UK alone loses more than 300 million pounds a
year to these types of fraud!

The scammers are moving onto new targets, and dating sites are a popular source of victims. People
who are in love let down their guard, and there have been numerous cases of people losing their
entire life savings to somebody they've met on a dating site.

The African scammers mainly target the UK, Canada and the USA, as they know people in these
countries are much wealthier than the average African person. Both men and women are targets for
the scammers. The African scammers can be found on all types of dating sites, but they particularly
love free dating sites (where there are minimal identity checks and they don't have to spend a penny
subscribing to the site). They also love long distance relationship focussed sites, such as those where
you can find a Russian or Asian bride.

So if you're looking for an African partner then be especially wary of West Africans. If you want an
African partner then it might be easier to find one in a country with which you have a connection. That
way you're much better placed to understand the local population, and you might stand a better
chance of spotting a scam artist.

Despite all the worries about scammers, don't get too over-paranoid. There are plenty of decent
people on African dating sites. Take your time to build your trust in somebody. Get to know the local
culture and customs. Make sure you see somebody on webcam, so you know they actually exist. If
you're in any doubts about someone, then contact the dating site operator.