What you need to know about ANC Calculator

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What you need to know about ANC Calculator
Absolute neutrophil count or ANC is a measure of the number of
neutrophil granulocytes present in the blood. Neutrophils are
known as a type of f ul y developed white blood cel s. These
neutrophils play a vital role in the body's ability to ward of f
inf ections and il nesses.
Normal white blood cel count range or WBC normal range is 4300-
10,800 white blood cel s per cubic mil imeter of blood. Human
bodies rely on neutrophils to ef f ectively break down and make use
of proteins f or more ef f icient use. In this WBC normal range,
neutrophils make up between 50 to 70 percent of the body's total
white blood cel s. It is important to keep regular count of ANC f or
health reasons. If an unusual y high absolute neutrophils count is
present, this is a strong indication that there is threat to the
body's immune system and may need to be treated. Likewise, if
there is a low count of ANC, then precaution has to be taken in order to prevent inf ections.
Advantages of ANC Calculation
As mentioned above, absolute neutrophil count gives a medical practitioner an indication of the body's
ability to f ight diseases and inf ections. Part of the complete blood count takes into account neutrophils.
Absolute neutrophil count is not measured directly. Instead, it is derived by multiplying the WBC count times
the percentage of neutrophils present in the dif f erential white blood count.
There are several advantages of ANC calculation. Given that neutrophils are vital in def ending one's self
f rom inf ection, an absence or scarcity of neutrophils makes one vulnerable to inf ection.
Where risk of inf ection is high, then one should take precautions like staying away f rom crowds and so on.
The calculation of ANC provides inf ormation on white blood count range. As such, medical practitioners wil
be able to tel if a patient has low WBC or high WBC. Inf ormation of the number of neutrophils wil also be
available through ANC calculation.
As such, if the neutrophil counts start to drop, then medical practitioners may advise patients to take
special precautions when moving around so as to prevent catching any f orm of inf ection. For instance,
such people may be advised to wash hands to limit the spread of inf ection or avoid crowded places which
may be breeding grounds f or inf ections. Those with very low ANC values may be hospitalized so that the
saf ety of the patient is not compromised.
Alternatively, they may be asked to stay home and limit contact with others til the immune system is wel
again. ANC calculators are also advantageous in that they help doctors assess how wel patients
undergoing chemotherapy are responding to treatment. If the patient is seen not to be responding wel to
chemotherapy, then new treatment plans can then be devised so as to help the patient.
ANC Values
Neutrophils are pivotal in determining the wbc count range or
white blood cel count range. These neutrophils absolute are
also most crucial in responding to inf lammation. Checking the
absolute white blood cel count can help point to whether the
inf ection is chronic or acute.The normal range f or ANC is 1500 or

A saf e ANC value is considered to be between 500 and 1500.
When compared to high wbc or high white blood cel count, a low
ANC is less than 500. This means that the person's condition is
serious and immediate medical attention is required.
Nonetheless, it is important to note that the values dif f er according to the type of machine used to
conduct the blood test.
High ANC Count
High ANC count refers to an increase in leukocytes or cel s responsible f or f ighting diseases circulating
in your blood. An elevated white blood cel count can arise because of many reasons. Elevated WBC
typical y means that the body is trying to f ight a possible inf ection. It could also mean that the body is
reacting to a particular drug which is trying to improve the WBC count.
Diseases such as bone marrow disease could also be responsible in elevated WBC. Alternatively, it could
also be because of an immune system disorder. However, the most common reason f or elevated white
blood cel count is inf ection. Additional y where the WBC is elevated f or older people f or extended periods
of time in the absence of inf ections, it could indicate cancer of some sort.

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