What You Need To Know About Brainetics

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An Intro to Mike Byster & Brainetics

Whether you call him a mathematician or a math whiz, one thing is for certain - Mike Byster
not only knows a lot about math, he also has the ability to teach others how to be just as
successful with numbers. We are going to go over some basic information about Michael
Byster the math teacher and "human calculator." We are also going to take a look at
Brainetics, the complete system he put together to help anyone improve their math skills -
and more. By the time you are done reading, you will have a good idea of why many people
think of this man when they think about math.

Info About Mike Byster:
Brainetics math system

Born in 1959 in Skokie, Illinois, which is near Chicago, Mike spent his early years being
taught how to use simple math tricks to do calculations without a calculator or pen and paper.
This helped make his schoolwork a lot easier. He went on to attend the University of Illinois
where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in finance in 1981. His love of numbers worked
well with his decision to go into finance.

After college, he went to work as a stockbroker, doing quite well for himself. During this
period, his cousin (a math teacher in Chicago) invited him to show a class some of his cool
math tricks. The experience was a good one for the children as well as Mike. Soon after, he
quit his day job to devote himself full time to helping teach children.

He traveled the country teaching children for free while maintaining the Mike's Math website
that he started in 2003. He did this for several years. Although the original website is not
around any longer, all the teaching resulted in the Brainetics system being created. It was
first launched in 2008 to much fanfare, becoming a hit with students as well as teachers and


Info on Brainetics

Brainetics is a math learning system works by using both the left and right brain, making it
easier for children to learn and start doing better in math. Beyond simple math tricks,
Brainetics also helps with increasing memory and can help stimulate and keep a brain active.
This latter reason is why there are quite a few seniors who have ordered and are using the
Brainetics learning system.

The Brainetics system works by teaching students to use both their left and right brain, which
makes solving even complex problems easier once the tricks and tips are known. When
purchased, you get everything that is needed, including DVDs, workbooks and even
flashcards to help cement the lessons with practice. Overall, it is a complete system to help
with math and memory.

Mike Byster's Future

In late 2012, Random House published Genius: Ignite Your Brain's Full Potential Using the
Brainetics Approach. It is expected to be a huge hit and has already received great reviews
from students, teachers, and everyone in between. While the book is nice, it is really the
Brainetics system itself that brings all the lessons together in a way that makes it easy for
anyone to learn and master the techniques. Try Brainetics breakthrough math system here: