What You Need to Know about Butt Augmentation

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What You Need to Know about Butt Augmentation
Back in the day, no one would care about not so fleshy buttocks, but now that tight-hugging
skimpy clothes are common, curvaceous bodies have become essential. Those not endowed with
the right curves either have to compensate by carefully choosing their outfits or by going to a
plastic surgeon for butt implants. Yes, indeed, implants can be used to add volume to those flat,
unimpressive buttocks. The procedure is called gluteal augmentation.
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Who can undergo butt augmentation?
Interested individuals should ask a plastic surgeon if they can undergo the procedure. The plastic
surgeon will give his professional opinion about whether or not you can opt for the
augmentation. Unfortunately, just because you want bigger buttocks does not mean you can
undergo the surgery. You should be in good health condition, without heart disease or diabetes.
Your surgeon will look at the medications you are currently taking. Some medications interfere
with the healing process.
What is the implant made of?
Implants used to augment the buttocks are made of elastomer, which is denser and more durable
than the implants used for breast augmentation. An elastomer implant can withstand greater
pressure from sitting down than a silicone breast implant does.
How is the procedure done?
The surgeon starts by administering the anesthesia and then making incisions as soon as the skin
feels numb. The incision is made along the fold between the buttocks and the thighs, or it can be
made somewhere on top of the buttocks. Surgeons are now careful to place incisions where they
later form inconspicuous and hard-to-spot scars.

The surgeon creates a pocket under the gluteal muscle. Proper placement of the implants is
necessary for two reasons. One, you don't want the implant to become obvious under the skin.
Two, you don't want to sit on the implants. Once the implant is properly placed, the incisions are
What happens after the surgery?
The most difficult time is the first 24 hours after the surgery. You will need to be on bed after
surgery and the day after it. Recovery time is not too long. Many patients can get back to work
after a week, provided they do light office tasks. Patients need to don compression garments to
keep swelling at bay. Bruising and skin discolorations should be expected until the skin heals
completely. Do not sit down or sleep on your back during the first week of recovery.
How much does it take?
Average cost of butt augmentation is around $6,000, including surgeon's fee, anesthesia, medical
tests, and medications. Of course, costs vary from surgeon to surgeon. So, it makes sense to
check the internet to compare costs.
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