What You Need To Know About Electronic Cigarettes

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E-Cigarettes - How They
Are Viable Substitute
For Tobacco

E-Cig Batteries
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An electric cigarette is an electronic device that simulates the act of
tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled vapor. They are usually
designed to appear like cigarettes, cigars, or pipes although you can also
find models that appear like every day items like pens and thumb drives
for those who want to use the product without being noticed by others.
In theory, using an electronic cigarette will give you the physical
sensation of smoking a real cigarette without the health risks from
tobacco, tar, and other carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

Using this product is simple, and not
much different from using regular
cigarettes. If anything, the difference
would be with the draw, which is
usually taken slower and a bit longer
cigarette. There are three primary
parts of electric cigarettes and these
are the battery, cartridge, and
atomizer. Batteries on e-cigarettes
make up the biggest component.

One end of the e-cig cartridge attaches to the atomizer and the other
serves as the mouthpiece. The cartridge is manufactured from disposable
plastic and it functions as the reservoir for the liquid, and as a
mouthpiece. The atomizer is the heating element which vaporizes the
liquid. Atomizers degrade over time, and they need to be replaced every
now and then.

E-Cig Batteries
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This component makes up the main recurring costs associated with
electric cigarettes. To address this, manufacturers introduced an
integrated cartridge and atomizer component, or a cartomizer, which is
cheaper to buy and replace. Many say that these products do not
necessarily help you kick the habit because they still contain nicotine.
Still, it is a healthier alternative because it does not have the
carcinogenic and toxic chemicals associated with regular cigarettes.

The American Association of Public
Health Physicians supports the use of
electronic cigarettes because they believe
it can save the lives of four million of the
eight million adult American smokers
who will otherwise die of tobacco-related
diseases. Still it must be remembered that
they may contain nicotine. For one, they
should not be used by expectant mothers
Numerous researches have shown that
nicotine is absorbed by the fetus which
can cause birth defects and higher
incidence of cardiovascular disorders
later on in life.

Nicotine is also known to lessen the volume of milk that the mother
produces. Nicotine is also shown to increase irritability among children,
probably because it keeps them from falling asleep. Another cohort that
should be prohibited from using these products is minors. Nicotine
addiction is also possible, further highlighting the need to prevent teens
from using this product.

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