What You Need To Know About Medical Transcription Services

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Nowadays, there are significant changes in the healthcare industry with
regards to the storage of medical reports. In fact, at the end of 2009, CDC
reported that the EMR adoption rate among US hospitals had risen to
48.3%, which is a marked increase from the 10% adoption rate in 2006.
Nowadays, big storage cabinets have been removed in preference for
server computers.

Keeping digital medical reports enables healthcare practitioners to obtain
data about the patient in a fast and easy manner. Having electronic copies
of a patient's medical records allow doctors to provide a safe and
coordinated care since he is able to review how the patient was managed
in the past, and check if there are existing medical conditions or allergies
that can influence the outcome of a planned intervention. Electronic records
can decrease the incidence of medical errors brought about by the not-so-
legible orders on a patient's past records. Electronic medical records make
statistical studies easier. For instance, it can be used for a hospital's quality
improvement activities, and surveillance of communicable diseases.

Medical Transcription Software and EMR Medical Transcription Services

Advancements in technology has brought
several changes to how medical report
transcriptions are made. Doctors now
have a choice between making use of
EMR medical transcription applications
and hiring medical transcription

Not too long ago, physicians had to submit recorded copies of their spoken
orders to companies specializing in transcription of medical records. The
transcriptionist then has to create a text version of the audio file.

At present, majority of medical records are created with back-end speech
recognition technology, in which a special kind of computer program makes

an initial draft of a report. This initial report is then transmitted to the
transcriptionist who will review for accuracy, using the original recorded
spoken order as comparison.

How to Choose a Medical Transcription Company

When looking for a company
for your medical transcription
needs, go for those that
have a good balance of
experience and reasonable
fees. Companies doing
medical transcription should
perform quality check
procedures and
proofreading. A reliable
company is one that has
24/7 toll-free number as
well as other customer support channels like email and chat, and can
return reports in less than 24 hours and STAT reports in four hours.

Ascertain their billing methods too before committing to them. Go for those
companies that will bill on a per line basis, rather than on a per minute or
page basis.