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Wheelchair Hire in New Orleans
Disability should not stop anyone from travelling and holidaying.
New Orleans, integrated in the American republic is the most preferred place
for the disabled thanks to the accessibility facilities provided here.
New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana and a major port of
United States. It is one of the most fascinating cities due to its culture food and
music. There are many attractions and places you will want to explore. All the
public places and modes of transportation are completely accessible here for
the disabled. Accessible hotels with all facilities for Disabled guests are
available for comfortable stay.
New Orleans is flat, so the disabled can use a manual wheelchair or a power
wheelchair you won’t be going uphill ever.
Manual Wheelchair hire in New Orleans is simple, practical, and offers
excellent value fo r money. These wheelchairs are constructed with maximum
strength and durability in mind, the frame is reinforced with a double cross bar
underneath. The upholstery is double-thickness for strength and comfort, the
armrests are detachable and the swing-away footrests can also be removed
Planning your disabled holidays in New Orleans?
Then wheelchair hire in New Orleans will help you get around the city
independently. This hires must be arranged at the time of booking holiday.