Where Are The Best Locations To Travel In China

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Where Are The Best Locations To Travel In China

China has been on the list of the most famous tourist destinations and is the fourth largest tourist
destination in the world. China receives millions of tourists all year round who are always seeking to
explore the exciting sites around the country.

China has also seen major developments in the recent past especially in her transport and
communication network. Her airports and roads have been refurbished while the previous numerous
travel bans imposed in some places have been lifted opening the way for many more visitors. China
is home to major attractions that are either natural, historical or cultural.

The natural sites that visitors to China can explore include a number of breathtaking mountains that
include Mt. Huashan in the west of the country, Mt. Songshan, Mt. Taishan, Mt Hengshan in the north
and south of the country, all of which form the Five Sacred Mountains of China. Other natural
attractions include waterfalls and beautiful valleys. The province of Giuizhzoi is home to a large
number of waterfalls totalling to around twenty, with some of them below the ground, making this an
even more intriguing natural feature. China has a number of rivers too that are major attractions and
the most famous ones include the Yangtze and Li Rivers.

The history of China is a marvel by itself and it has played a major role in the tourism sector of this
republic. One of the major historical attractions in China is definitely the famous Great Wall of China.
It has drawn many curious visitors from around the world who come here to witness this massive
manmade feature located in Beijing city. Generally, most of Chinas cities have a variety of attractions
that range from manmade monuments to natural ones. Other major attractions include the Forbidden
City also in Beijing, the Qin Dynasty, the Terracotta Warriors, the Potala Palace and the Silk Road
among others. All of these attractions capture an ancient beauty that cannot be found anywhere else
in the world. These attractions date back to 1000 years.

On the other hand, a number of Chinese customs have elicited a great deal of interest from
foreigners who flock a number of provinces to witness these unusual traditions. One of these festivals
is the March Street celebrated in Yuann Province in respect to the Buddhist goddess of mercy. The
Lung Lake and the water sprinkling festival also in Yuann Province are some of the festivals that are

Visitors to China will be sure to enjoy their visit. Besides the convenient transport services,
accommodation is also very well catered for. There are hotels that vary from three-star to five-star in
the main tourist cities of China that include Beijing, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xian, and Pingyao
among a host of others. Some of the major hotels that are famous with tourists in China include the
Intercontinental in Hong Kong, the Holiday Inn Central Plaza and Four Seasons Hotel among others.

For easy navigation through China, there are plenty of travel companies that offer services to
tourists. The services include a guide on where to visit, advice on accommodation and transport

China is a breathtaking destination and with the Tourism Administration holding tourism exhibitions
each year, it is an affordable and exciting destination with so much in store for a visitor.

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