Which Is Better Option? Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Or Taking Precautions

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Which Is Better Option? Best Anti Wrinkle Cream Or Taking
As we grow old, our skin loses moisture and elasticity. This makes our skin
more prone to wrinkles.
But you should not blame your genes for that. It's natural. To solve wrinkle
problems, many people go for
creams and peels, Botox and many
more. These can do harm to your
skin and is slow procedure for
removing wrinkles. But we have
some precautions for them. Now
you have to choose that whether it
is good to be preventive for skin before only or go for best anti wrinkle
and treatment afterwards.
Some of precautions are:
* Protect your skin from sun. U.V rays can damage skin.
* Eat healthy and drink pure. Healthy food provides vital nutrients to
skin like vitamin D.
* Start wearing sunglasses regularly. It prevents your eyes
* Sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines. Sleep lines can turn into
wrinkles afterwards.
* Do not smoke. Heavy smokers are 5 times more likely to have wrinkles
than non smokers.

* Control your facial expressions. Animated expressions can lead to
wrinkles. Laughing also put creases below eyes but staying happy
nullifies the effect of creases.
* Try to be happy. Happy people use to have fewer wrinkles than
depressed people.
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