Which type to choose a sofa

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Quality Materials
Quality materials contribute not only to the visual appeal of a Sofa, but also
to its longevity. Ask the retailer about the materials they use. Are fabrics
tested for durability, including color fastn ess and general wear and tear?
Good quality materials will last much longer, are easier to maintain and
won’t stretch and sag over time. If selecting a leather sofa, make sure only
full-hide leathers are used rather than the thinner and commonly used ‘split’
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service. The cost of a couch runs from $500 to $25,000 with some bespoke
pieces, involving custom sizing and upholstery options, topping even this. So,
what’s the rule when it comes to splashing the cash? “If it’s your forever
sofa, buy the best you can afford,” says Lisa. “The old saying that ‘you get
what you pay for’ rings true here. The quality and craftsmanship is mostly in
the detail that you can’t even see, from the frame to the webbing and the
stitching.” Try shopping the sales – a great sofa at a reduced price is a far
better investment than a quick-fix couch that’s simply cheap.
This may seem obvious, but you are
more likely to be sitting on or in your
sofa than looking at it, so although it
is tempting to put beauty and elegance
before comfort, it is far b etter to
consider this first and try your chosen
style out for comfort well before
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buying. Sit in it, as far back as possible. Do your feet touch the floor or are
you dangling in mid-air? Do you feel firmly supported or are you sinking in?
Is it easy to get out of? This is very important if you have elderly members of
the family. How many people do you need to seat comfortably together?
Very few sofas allow more than two adults to sit comfortably together: if you
know there are likely to be hordes of visitors, regularly, consider a three-
seater or even the ‘Grande’ – the largest available version of your chosen
sofa. Most sofas (all our sofas) come in a range of sizes. The size of your
living space is not the only consideration.
It may be difficult to pin d own your personal style but it’s important to go
with what you feel would suit your look best. Angular shapes with strong
lines tend to suit more contemporary and minimalist styles.
If you love a country look, then our pillow back sofas will suit your style
nicely. If you crave a traditional look in your home, then go for simple classic
lines and rounded corners to fit in with your home.
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